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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ballycotton Running Promotions name the culprits in the race number transfer saga....(Updated Wed 28th Apr)
What a headline! Worthy of the front page of any tabloid newspaper ;o)

.....or at least it was!

This year for the first time, Ballycotton Running Promotions took the decision to publish photographs of people who had raced under someone else's name. As you can imagine, this was a decision that wasn't taken lightly and has been their strongest response to the problem of people transferring numbers to date.

As you might expect, taking such a strong position provoked a number of strong responses with several people agreeing and some disagreeing.

I can only imagine the level of frustration they must have in trying to organise a race, including a simple provision that runners won't transfer their numbers and then seeing people ignore it year after year.

Can you imagine what it must be like to organise a race like this, have a list of let's say 20-30 prizewinners and then to have to ask the question......"Did all of these prizewinners actually run in the race today?"

As for putting up a photo and link on this blog, I also questioned whether I should put up a post about it. After thinking about it, I decided I should even though I knew some people may disagree with it.
Factors in my decision were....
1) It was already up on the Ballycotton website and in the public domain
2) Since the Ballycotton '10' race is such an important race locally then I knew it would be of interest to a lot of people.
3) I think Ballycotton Running Promotions did the right thing in publishing photos this year. The Ballycotton '10' is a non-commercial race run by runners for runners. A huge number of people give up their time to make this race the success that it is. Why should we feel sorry for the few individuals who ignore the rules and make  things difficult for the organisers? What about the hundreds who didn't manage to get in and yet did the right thing!

The original post was here for a few days and the message has certainly got out there. Having said that, I don't believe that a permanent record should exist on the Internet so I have taken the original photo down and  removed the link.

I understand Ballycotton Running Promotions will be doing likewise.

Here is a statement from them....

As stated on our website, the publication of names and numbers was an unprecedented step and one not taken lightly. But after our pleas and warnings were ignored for many years, we had no other option. 

At this stage, we feel people have got the message and therefore will be removing the names and numbers. We never intended to leave them up on a long-term basis but felt we had to take a stand. Rest assured, prior to next year’s race, we will again be reminding people of the consequences of transferring numbers. 
There are very few ‘terms and condition’ to follow in entering our race, or indeed in any other such events. All we ask is that people follow the rules that they agree to when signing their names on the entry form.  

The few rules that are there are in the interest of those taking part and in maintaining the integrity of the event. We have always striven to be fair and impartial to all concerned and will continue to do so and only ask to be treated likewise in return.  

Ballycotton Running Promotions  


Anonymous said...

Don't see any comments yet on this one but is this the right thing to do , post photo's and names like this on the net. I don't know any of the individuals but there is an easier way to combat this , they enter again just deny entry- and give the reason why .. is that not the easiest thing to do instead of dragging their names through the gutter here.. and on the Ballycotton website..

Not impressed, and i have to say the people who put this up need to look at themselves also ...... - Dont think ballycotton has done themselves any favours with this one

it will be interesting to see peoples thoughts on this - Will it have a negative impact on the site ???????

Anonymous said...

HAHA - that’s brilliant! This is definitely the right way to go about this. Mortified for the boys that ran under girls names! No Negative Impact - i mean if one of those people had an accident it could seriously jeopardise this amazing run....and for what?? Stupidity! People have been well warned not to do this - and now they know why! There are people that I know that would do anything to get into that run and then you have these people - so infuriating! So keep it going is what i say!

Anonymous said...

I agree with comment 1 .

I really think they are taking things a little too far with this.
I actually know the person on the blog photo.

All the poor guy wanted to do was run the race.

There is this big hodoo about the Balycotton 10, At the end of the day its just a 10 mile race.

People have to take a few things on the chin sometimes and let things slide a little.

I dont agree with what these pople did, but i think somethings like this can be dealt with a little dignity and not shame someone as was done yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Yes , I agree I think it is a bit O.T.T.
Are they ghetting a bit too big for there boots ?

Anonymous said...

I think this is an absolute disgrace, from looking at the photos the only one you could be absolutely sure about is the man using a womens number. The rest could easily be genuine!

As for the man wearing the womens number who's to say she decided not to run and he forged her number. How can they prove she actually gave him the number.

If it was me who was "potentially falsly accussed", then ballycotton running would be looking at possible legal action.

Publicly posting someones photo, unless the have solid evidence, is simply wrong!

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous I think Ballycotton running have gone too far altogether might come back to bite you hard Ballycotton....

Unknown said...

The terms and conditions of entry are that you agree not to transfer your entry. This has been going on for years, and I know of male runners who have been in the first 3 of the ladies, as they were running under a female number.
The person who transfers the number should be sactioned. Perhaps a three year ban.
The culprits should be named and shamed, and this will stop the tranferring.

Anonymous said...

Hang on a second. This is absolutely the right thing to do and I applaud Ballycotton Running for doing so. People sign their name on the entry form saying that they will not transfer their number to anyone else. There are warnings every year so people have no excuse. It messes up the results and of course if someone collapses on the side of the road and ends up in a serious medical condition then there is the potential that nobody will know who they are or they may get the wrong treatment because they may be posing as someone else.
For all of us who love the Ballycotton 10' and cherish it as one of the highlights of the year I agree with the strong stance taken on this issue. It's not a fun run, it's a race and we want accurate and honest participation and results.

Anonymous said...

The naming and shaming is the right thing to do. The Ballycotton 10 is a race not a run and as such competing under a false name is against the rules, and not just the Ballycotton 10 rules......... Number swapping cheats have been named before on the site. However this is the first time that photos have been included as well. Keep up the good work Ballycotton running promotions!

Mary (not my real name - I'm really a male) said...

For those who feel strongly against the action taken, please note that Nobody was libelled, slandered or defamed. The simple question on each photo was "Is this (whoever)?" the organisers are quite entitled to ask the question.

One of the prime reasons for not running under another person's number is, in the (unlikely) event of a medical emergency, the correct treatment is given. There have been several instances worldwide where runners have been incorrectly treated, e.g. diabetics, allergics etc. A less serious effect, nevertheless distressing to those involved, is the incorrect next-of-kin being informed.

The other prime reason - and several instances occurred this year - genuine runners being denied their rightful podium position because of breaches of the rules by others. Some of the real winners were in the hall for the presentation, but were denied their places because others felt that it was OK to run in someone else's number.

Several posters suggest that Ballycotton will be damaged by this. I am absolutely confident that their reputation will actually be enhanced by this.

So next year, if YOU don't want YOUR name or YOUR photo on the net in these circumstances, then DON'T transfer numbers!!

Anonymous said...

There were hundreds of Runners that did'nt get a number because they were late with their Entry.

Its not right to run with somebody elses number. This is clearly stated on the Entry Form.

I have no problem with the name and shame..People will think twice about this next year

Anonymous said...

I also think that Ballycotton are doing the right thing. It is difficult enough to organise this big an event without people blatently breaking the rules.

Anonymous said...

It is a shame though that they won't be able to shame the men who use other men's numbers and the women who use other women's number

Anonymous said...

Ridiculous... who do ballycotton 10think they are??? Way too big for they're boots. It's a race you could scratch from your list, running is supposed to be fun as well as comptitive!! Don't be so sad Ballycotton. It's not a serious crime the lad probably just wanted to run the race!!!!

Anonymous said...

If you sign your name on the dotted line stating you will not transfer your number then that should be binding!
The B 10 is one of the top if not thy top road ''RACE'' in the country! its not a fun run or any other sort of run!
Transfering is a form of cheating, End of!!!!

Anonymous said...

lets move on to something more interesting and forget this lark ..

what about the prices for the marathon ???

now there is something we can talk about .... in these recessionary times ( do cork know this i wonder?)

and i bet we get a top notch goddie bag for this .. oh and a john rocca t- shirt ....... just like last year - i can't wait.....

Anonymous said...

An absolute disgrace !! Why not send it in to the echo and examiner and really try hurt them.
By all means dis qualify those involved but all they have accomplished is publically humiliating someone for others amusement.
Ballycotton should take the photo's down and so should you

Anonymous said...

Ballycotton have taken an entirely correct approach and should be commended for their actions. Transferring is both dishonest and potentially dangerous. Ballycotton would be abdicating their legal responsibilities if they allowed this nonsense to persist.

Anonymous said...

what about those flouting the rules by wearing headphones? Why cant these be named and shamed too - as they actually a danger to both other runners let alone themselves?

Anonymous said...

I think putting names and or pics of a person is the wrong way to go about this situation. I fully understand where BRP are coming from and the people who run using another persons num makes things difficult for them.
BRP need to remember"ON THE WEB ONCE ON THE WEB FOREVER" there is absolutely nothing to stop someone taking these pics from wherever they were posted and posting them on facebook or anywhere they like and making a complete moron out of the person on the pic!
I think BRP need to think and understand the huge potential legal implications here, which probably won't arise as the indivduals in the pics did break the race rules. Great respect for BRP, but would advise don't dream of putting anymore pics up of same!