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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Quick look ahead to the Castlemartyr 4 mile race on Thursday evening - Thurs 22nd Apr 2010...
First thing to note is that the race is in Ballintotis this year, a few kms to the south-west of Castlemartyr and not in Castlemartyr itself.

Before we look at the race properly later on, here is some additional as supplied by John Cashman...

Just  a quick update from Ballintotis - our  committee have received a huge response to our request for help with the local community really getting involved in the occasion.
We will have 3 car parks -
these are
1 - a field just off the Main N25  Road -  adjacent to the turn off for Ballintotis - this car park is approx 450 meters from the race HQ
2 - a field located just beyond the Race HQ and approx 150 meters from race start
3  - the Church Car Park which will be restricted - as it is also the race HQ.
The stewards will be attempting to prevent congestion building up in any one area and thus will be alternating the usage of each car park.  In general for those who wish to exit early after the race the advice is to use Car Park 1.  We will also operate a one way sytem from Car Parks 2 and 3 immediatley after the race to prevent any traffic facing oncoming runners as they head for the finish line..
A marquee for changing will be erected on the green beside Loughaderra Lake just next to the Church Car Park - entries will be taken at another marquee in Church Car Park.  Refreshments will be served from this second marquee and the prize giving will also take palce here.
Hope everybody enjoys their visit to Ballintotis
John Cashman
Ballintotis Community Council Race Organising Committee

John also had an article recently in the Evening Echo about the race and this can be seen HERE

A flyer for the race can be seen HERE


Anonymous said...

I predict you will get good local support for the race . But people from the city and further a-field will not see 10 Euro as value for money for a 4 mile run .
The last Bhaa race was only 5 Euro , it was up in the city and it was 10 K .

Anonymous said...

i disagree with comment 1.the race is being organised to help raise funds for a community centre.How can 10 euro be too much to ask for when you are
1. organising stewards
2. providing changing facilties
3. organising first-aid and garda cover.
4. feeding athletes after race.
5. providing prizes in many categories.
6. getting free parking facilities organised.

As well as all the time people give,which i imagine is substantial.i think we need to be realistic about the pricing.i think it's very good value considering money is been given back to the community.
i'm from the city and will be there to support the east cork runners.

terry higgins
eagle ac

Anonymous said...

Im afraid the price tag put me off also. I was expecting €5 which I am always prepared to pay but I am agreeing with comment 1. I'll hold off till Ballyandereen I think.

Anonymous said...

Yes , the problem is there is plenty of races and people are picking maybe 2 or 3 races to do in a month.
There is probably a lot of factors that will influence a persons choice but lets not cod ourselves lads price is definitely one of them .
For me I will either travel to Castlemartre or else to the " stride on the tide " next Tuesday.
5 Euro next Tuesday - sold .
I do hope ye make the money for the community center guys .

John Desmond said...

Just a quick correction on the last comment...Stride by the Tide is next Monday, not Tuesday.......just in case someone turns up on the wrong evening!

John Quigley said...

You've had several comments recently relating to race entry fees, so I thought I might outline the minimum budget for a low key race:

Ambulance hire € 200.00
Numbers € 95.00
Food € 80.00
Hire of hall € 50.00
Pins € 40.00
AAI Permit € 32.00
Sundry costs € 20.00
Plates, etc € 15.00
Line Paint € 10.00
Refuse sacks € 5.00
Sub total € 547.00

And you might want to give prizes too.....

So you see, at €5 per entry, you need 110 entries before you break even. A half-decent prizelist will cost you €1,000, bringing your breakeven entry to 310. Not too many races manage that.

There are many other costs that aren't included and a larger race is going to have larger costs.

Comparing ordinary club races for, say €10, with a BHAA race for €5 is not comparing like with like. BHAA race costs are partly defrayed by the BHAA itself - you've already paid a €10 annual registration fee towards this and it'll cost you €8 if you're not registered.

The BHAA races cannot be surpassed for price and value, however anyone who feels that €10 for a race is literally paying 'money for nothing' is really not giving credit to race organisers.

On the other hand, there seems to be no end of people paying €50 to €80 for some of these new races being held over 'scenic route'

If anyone feels that €10 a race is poor value, can I suggest that they might offer to help out at just one race. I think it might be an eye-opener for them to see what happens behind the scenes.

Anonymous said...

I don't think €10 will break the bank when it is going towards a parish hall. At least it isn't a greedy event management company that will be making profit out of it. It is difficult enough to fundraise in the current economic climate so to be getting a run in return for your donation isn't that bad.