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Friday, April 30, 2010

Entry date for cheaper Cork Marathon entries extended...
Due to some website issues, the closing date for the cheaper entries for the Cork City Marathon & Relay has been extended by 24 hours until midnight on Saturday, the 1st of May.

Postal entries will be accepted until Wednesday the 5th.

Entry details HERE


Anonymous said...

About the Cork City Marathon, and the late entry fee going up .
I think its shocking that they increase the price closer to the event.
What happens if someone has trained hard and got a niggly injury a few weeks before and is stuck in limbo whether to do it or not?

Say for instance this person is waiting to see if they are ready or not, without wasting money on something they might not even run.

The closing date should be a week before.
Just for cases like that.

And another thing, this cheaper option for people who are on benefit is a joke.

35 Euro if your on benefit and 80 euro if your a sucker who has a job.
Im sorry but it should only be 35 Euro in the first place for everyone.
There should be no discrimination for people just because they have a job, it's a load of rubbish.
I know were in bad times but come on like!
Im not doing it this year , thanks be to god.
Cork City Marathon should revisit the whole situation.

Anonymous said...

not at those prices !!!!!!!!

If the organisers are viewing this..
just in-case they don't know , there is this big word called , I think its
R E C E S S I O N ... and its Global to......

Anonymous said...

the different price for being on benefit is very silly - maybe charge everyone some thing in between? I suspect there could be abuse of that with people with jobs trying to pretend to being on benefit. Imagine means testing to enter a race!!!!