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Thursday, April 15, 2010

English Runner Steve Edwards hits the 500 Marathon mark in Connemara...
There was a piece in the Daily Mail about Englishman Steve Edwards who ran his 500th Marathon in the Connemara Marathon which took place last Sunday (11th Apr) in hot and sunny conditions.

What's really impressive is the fact that the average time for all 500 was less than 3h 30m! That's faster than 8 minute per mile pacing. The headline says that 'All in under three-and-a-half hours" but it's clarified later when it is in fact the average.

He ran his first Marathon in 1981 as a bet. He hit the 100 Marathon mark 10 years later in 1991. The 200 Marathon came the next year in 1992. He completed 87 Marathons that year.......almost 2 per week!

The full article can be seen HERE

Later this evening, we'll look at the Cobh 10 mile race on Sunday.

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Anonymous said...

i subscribe to marathon & beyond(US magazine about marathons and ultra marathons) and a few issues ago they had an article on a German guy who is up to 1600 (yes 1,600)marathons-i'll pull out the issue and post his this guy is not the first to do 500-still incredible though