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Monday, April 12, 2010

Results of the Cork BHAA' UCC' 10 km road race - Sun 11th Apr 2010....(Updated Tues 20th Apr)
There were several races on yesterday in the country and I think no matter where you went, it was hot and sunny. I missed the UCC race as I was up in Connemara and there wasn't a cloud in the sky up there. Those that went to Kilnaboy in Co.Clare for the last race in the John Buckley Sport Munster Ten-Mile Spring Classics series had to endure very hot conditions as well. And from what I hear, the UCC race was no different with very warm conditions.

A total of 426 runners turned up for the 10k which for a local race is very good. As to whether the numbers are dropping at races this year compared to last, the one was up! 2008 was 336, 2009 was 404 so given the right event, the numbers seem to hold up. Of course, this just doesn't happen by chance. When the location is central, the course is nice and the event is well organised, you can see the result. When you consider that it was a 10 km race as opposed to a 5 km then the turnout is even more impressive.

Thanks to John O'Riordan for doing up the results so fast. They are now available HERE

We have 2 galleries from Irene Hartigan of UCC

The first one contains photos taken by Aine Murphy of UCC. It has photos of the preparation, the start and the finish. A slideshow can be seen HERE

Irene took a series of photos on a downhill section out around the 3 mile mark. They can be seen HERE

(Updated Tues 20th Apr) Pat O'Driscoll of Eagle AC has a gallery of 70 photos HERE


Siobhán said...

Great run yesterday, very warm but thats a good complaint. Well done to everyone involved, for €5 entry fee, it was a very well organised race and there seemed to be plenty marshalls out pointing us in the right direction and cheering us on. Roll on next years run :-)
Quick query, times don't seem right, I remember crossing the line and the clock was at 50minutes + ,but the results are reading 57minutes + my number was 421,can this be checked out? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Times are slightly off alright,
The times on the BHAA site are more accurate I think

Anonymous said...

I also enjoyed the run yesterday and well done to the organisers and the marshalls. My only negative remark would be regarding there being no water stations along the way considering the heat of the day. It was my first 10km run and I was out there for almost an hour and was gasping by the time I got to the finishing line. When I got there there were no bottles of water left, only plastic cups and I got given out to for going back for a second cup!
I realise that the 5 euro entry fee will only stretch so far but I was expecting my bottle of water at the end! Was a bit disappointed at that aspect but otherwise a great day, looking forward to the next race!

malcolm said...

great race,i realy enjoyed it,its been a long time since i had a race.question"my number was 100,not registered,my watch said 49'44'73.and cant find my position.can you help\? race very well run,well done to everyone

suse said...

Really enjoyable run. Very pleasant atmosphere.Registration was very quick and easy.Even though it was only a 10 k , considering the heat maybe we should have had some water stops?
Will definately be back next year

Anonymous said...

Ya mine time is 10 seconds slower than my watch? hope the BHAA site is more accurate as if my watch is right its a PB-if not then no PB...
really enjoyed this race-the spread after in the maltings was excellent-one of the best races around

UCC BHAA said...

When organising a BHAA road race there are two things you don’t have control over – (1) numbers entering and (2) the weather! As the UCC 10Km was clashing with 3 other major running events, i.e. Kilnaboy, Connemara and the National Road Relays in Dublin we didn’t expect such a turn out.
The Start & Finish of the race are located approx. 400m from the Registration Area where there is an outside main water tap – we had several notices placed in the Registration Area stating that there was NO WATER ON THE COURSE and that bottled water would be given at the finish – this was also announced several times over the loudspeaker.
We had 450 bottles of water at the finish line and less than 430 entries, i.e. 1 bottle per athlete! WE ALSO HAD NOTICES ON THE WATER VAN STATING THIS – we also had 2 large containers which we filled into plastic cups so in reality there was enough water for all (had everyone only taken 1 bottle) – obviously in a race this size it is IMPOSSIBLE to prevent people grabbing a second bottle – the stewards realised this and as the water was diminishing they opened some bottles in order to fill 2 cups, thereby at least everyone would get some bit and have the option to pop back into the Mardyke to re-fill. We also had bottled water for everyone in the Restaurant afterwards as well as endless cups of tea/coffee and minerals (as well as the FANTASTIC food).
The Anglers route is an extremely busy route traffic wise – there aren’t many places you could set up a water station in a safe spot. Also you would have to transport tables, cups + extra personnel to fill, hand-out and pick up cups afterwards. Considering most people carry their cups for 200-400 meters and then throw the cup away, the whole place would be littered and Stewards would have to gather all these up afterwards. As runners could see we had about 40/50 Stewards in place along the route and start/finish areas so we just didn’t have any more volunteers to spare. I suggest to runners that on hot days bring a water belt and carry it with you.
Our UCC Staff Athletic Club worked extremely hard in the months prior to the race to ensure everything went as smoothly as possible and overall we were absolutely thrilled with the turnout and all the positive feedback.
Please also be aware that water is NOT given out at any BHAA race except the 15 mile Cork – Cobh race. BHAA races are EXACTLY as stated – Business Houses i.e. NOT ATHLETIC CLUBS so most promoting Businesses have maybe 15 – 40 members and rely on their members/families/friends to help Steward the event.

Aine Murphy
Staff AC

Derek said...

Fantastic race. Well done BHAA again. Everything like clockwork. Registration was very fast for so many people.