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Monday, March 23, 2009

Cork County Novice & Masters Road Championships...Sun 29th March 2009

The county championships for Novice and Masters runners in Cork will take place in Carrignavar next Sunday, the 29th of March at 1:30pm. This is open to club athletes and anyone interested in taking part should contact their club secretary as soon as possible.
The mens race is 4 miles and the womens race is 2 miles.
The entry form is HERE.


Anonymous said...

Timing yesterday in my case was not a bit accurate they added at least 6 seconds to my time,i stopped the watch at 25.03 and allowed for 3 more to be added but 6 more WoW.

John Desmond said...

First, it might be worth mentioning that the timing mentioned above refers to the Munster Masters race in Beaufort, Kerry. Links to results on Running in Munster website

Regarding the timing, I found my own to be only a second out. They rounded it up by one which is pretty normal. 6 seconds sound like a lot.

John Dunphy said...

Sorry John that was my comment,I was rushed of the computer by the son before i could put my name to it,it sure was alot considering i allowed 3 extra seconds.As for the Womens race i agree the first woman was well ahead looking at the pic considering it was only 2 miles.