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Friday, March 06, 2009

Final post of the Ballycotton 10 week...
In this, the final post of the week, I'll look over a quick checklist and have a look at some other snippets of info.

1) Don't forget your number on Sunday! When you are rushing about on Sunday morning, it's easy to forget. Tip.....put it into your gear bag now! Remember, you should wear it on the front of your singlet/t-shirt. I know you will be wearing the timing chip but they will record your number when you finish as well just to make sure. If it's not clearly visible, you are only holding things up.

2) On the subject of timing chips, don't forget it! You should attach this to your shoe by using the cable ties supplied in the little white envelope. Do NOT use your laces to keep it on. Why? Because these chips are NOT disposable and they want them back. When you finish the race, they will have people waiting with snips to cut the cable ties and take back the chip. If you have a nice fancy knot made with your shoe laces, it kind of defeats the purpose.

3) Remember, no swapping of race numbers. If you are not going, don't give your number to someone else. You already signed a form to say that you would do this anyway. They depend on a percentage of people not turning up on the day so that the numbers are reasonable. If you have entered and can't make it on Sunday, don't forget that if you return your timing chip by post, you will be guaranteed entry for next years race. In other words, it is most likely that you will be able to avail of the same 2 week window that club runners have. You don't have to be in the first 2,500 entries.

4) Try and car pool and get there early. If you have a bike, consider bringing it.
5) No iPods, MP3 players, radios are allowed for insurance reasons.

6) Decide what are you going to do. Get changed in the Marquee and run the 800 metres to the start line or leave your gear in the baggage area by the start. Don't forget a change of warm clothes for after the race.

7) For those of you who are faster than average, stay well out of the way of the slower runners as they finish when you are walking back towards the race HQ. It's their big day as well, don't spoil it for them.

8) They will have tea in the race hq after the race. Otherwise, consider bringing a hot flask and leave it in your car for after the race. It really is going to be cold on Sunday.

9) T-shirts...if you are interested in buying one, don't forget to bring some money with you. This is what is on offer this year.......

2009 Stock.

Available in sizes S, M, L, & XL:

T-Shirt (Short Sleeve) - Yellow with large red logo €7
T-Shirt (Long Sleeve) - Red with large yellow logo €10
Zipped Sweatshirt – Dark grey with small white logo €15
Hooded sweat top – Light blue with small navy logo €15
Zipped hoodie – Black with small white logo €15
Baseball caps – Grey or pink €5

Stock to clear.

Polo shirt – Blue or cream – Limited sizes €10
T-Shirt (Short Sleeve) – White €5
T-Shirt (Long Sleeve) – Navy - Limited sizes €7
They also request that you bring the correct amount of money if you can.

10) Someone left a comment in a previous post asking about whether times would be called out. There will be someone calling out times at 1M, 2M, 8M and 9M. There will be a clock at 3M, 5M and 7M. The 10km distance is also marked on road. Needless to say, there is a clock at the finish.

That's it folks, the last post! If you have any queries, look back through the previous posts here or have a look at the FAQ list on the Ballycotton website. If you have any other questions, just click on that comment link below.

A final thanks to Tom Hartnett and John Walshe of Ballycotton Running Promotions for providing a lot of the info that I had in my posts over the last week.

And on a final, final....enjoy the big day!! Have a good one................John Desmond

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Anonymous said...

John- Just a quick note of thanks for all the detailed info over the last week regarding Ballycotton.Well done - The blog's have been fantastic and your time and effort is appreciated very much. Thanks again and best of luck Sunday!