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Friday, March 06, 2009

Race strategies for the Ballycotton 10...mainly for 1st timers
The target strategy...If you expect to be doing a sub 70 minute race on Sunday, then you'll already probably know what pace you are likely to be doing. For anyone expecting to run 70 minutes or more, here is the target pace for 10 miles based on your 5 mile race speed.

Your 5 mile race pace // Your target pace in Ballycotton
7 mins per mile //.....7 min 20 sec per mile
8 mins per mile //.....8 min 25 sec per mile
9 mins per mile //.....9 mins 30 sec per mile
10 mins per mile //...10 mins 40 sec per mile

If your pace is in between, then adjust accordingly. The 10 mile pace should give you some idea as to how fast you should be running. Your first mile should be slower due to the crowd but after that, you should stay close to this pace. Don't try to compensate for your slow 1st mile by running a lot faster in the 2nd mile, you'll only get into trouble. Keep at the correct pace and you'll run your fastest time.

The Get Around strategy...This is for the runner who just wants to get around and doesn't care about their time. Every year, there are hundreds of runners like this and most run like this.....They start in the middle of the crowd, they run along with everyone else for the first 2 miles, not really aware that they are actually running way faster than they do normally. They get to about 4 or 5 miles and they find can't keep up this pace and they begin to slow down. From here until the finish line, other runners are constantly passing them. They feel like they are unable to keep up, feel weak and feel awful as a result.The other strategy which is the one that I would suggest is to start near the back of the field. The first 2 miles are slow but that is fine as it gives you a chance to warm up. Once you get to the 4 or 5 mile mark, you'll start passing out all those runners who started way too fast. From here until the finish, you'll be constantly passing people and because you'll feel like you are running strongly, your overall experience will be positive.
Terms & Conditions apply......all of this is based on the condition that you have done enough training to be able to run 10 miles!!

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