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Friday, March 20, 2009

Training Run next Sunday in Rochestown, Sun 22nd March...
With just over 10 weeks to go, it's time to start getting in those long runs if you are thinking about doing the Cork City Marathon. With that in mind, a local runner named Kieran Daly is going to do a series of long training runs every Sunday morning. The runs start at 8am sharp from the car park near Harty's Quay (accross the road from the Rochestown Inn) on the Rochestown Road. The pace is pretty relaxed (9 to 10 minute per mile) and might suit someone aiming to do their first Marathon.

Here is an overview of the planned runs...
05-Apr-09........14 or the UCC 10k race

Kieran has set up a blog for these training runs and you can find his e-mail address there if you are interested.


Anonymous said...

Four people turned up for this training session on Sunday morning -- Kieran Daly, Kieran Murphy, Grainne (?) and myself.
Kieran had been expecting more, but given Ireland's triumphs in Rugby and Boxing yesterday, some people may have staying up too late drowning the Shamrock!
Conditions were perfect. The first two-thirds was on very quiet roads, and the last third was similar to the recent ESB 5k.
This was a fairly leisurely run at a pace of 09:43, covering 9.05 miles in 1:28:00, including some stops for stretching, etc.

But we were not the only ones out at that early hour -- we passed several other single runners along the way.

I ran on alone to Passage West, looping around "The Shamrock" and back to Rochestown.
This is a narrower track, but there were fewer people walking that stretch.
Haven't done that much in a single day since the Cork to Cobh!
Perhaps we’ll all try that on week five.


GrangeWeb said...

Thanks to all who showed up and it was Grainne Murphy. If you are coming along next Sunday drop me an e-mail on so we wont go away without you.

And leisurely is the name of the game. Donal can do the stats from his Garmin! Well done Donal for the extra few miles.

GrangeWeb said...

Sunday March 29th @ 8AM we had a group of 8 people in total. Well done to all who showed up even with the clocks going forward.

Next week is the UCC 10K so we will break for that but we plan to do an 8-10 miler on Thursday night at 7.30 if interested in a run.