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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Cork City Marathon & Relay gets major sponsor...
A short article appeared in the Irish Examiner today stating that Bord Gáis Energy will be sponsoring this years Cork City Marathon. It also mentions that between the full marathon and relay event, they expect to get 10,000 entries!!

"It is expected to attract a record 10,000 entries and the Irish Cancer Society has been nominated as the charity of choice for the event. Bord Gáis chief executive John Mullins said his company is delighted to back an event which "energises and motivates people to get out there and make a difference as a healthy lifestyle choice and in supporting the numerous charities that are involved". "The option of entering a relay team is a great incentive for people at all levels of fitness and experience to get involved and we’re delighted to be associated with an event of this calibre," he said. Last year’s marathon attracted more than 7,000 entries and Lord Mayor Brian Bermingham said the company’s involvement this year would help promote the "marathon for everyone" nationally. People are invited to get involved — from first timers to professional athletes — with the option of running the marathon as an individual or as part of a relay team. Teams of up to five people can run the marathon. Last year 1,000 relay teams took part...........Irish Examiner"


Anonymous said...

I note from your " race run length" survey that 15% have run a race of between 5k-7 miles. Whereas 39% have run between 10M-15M, and 41% the full Marathon. With the seeming popularity of longer distances amongst your readers, is there a case to be made for a half-marathon to be run in conjunction with the main marathon, (like they do in Connemarathon). I know you can run 2-3 relay runs to run an approximate half marathon, but it isn't the same thing.
My primary reason is that last year I was running with a perfectly paced group (for me) from the tunnel through Mahon up to the end of the Marina. At the 13.1 mark the entire group stopped (except me of course) and I ran from there to the finish effectively on my own. There were 2 more relay change overs so the speed of runners was all over the place and my pacing was sh*te, this coupled with the hills and heat made the second half difficult to say the least.
In contrast in Dublin I ran the second half of the race with a nice young man from Cork called John Desmond, and as we ran in a group of 7 or so the pacing was much easier.
Any comments from your community on a half-marathon joining in just as the front runners pass by the 13.1 mark?
Good luck on Sunday, hope the hammies hold up,

GrangeWeb said...

Hi John

We exchanged e-mails earlier this year but I never made it to Eagle sorry.

Wasn't able to make Ballycotton this year due to other commitments.  Anyway I am going to run Cork City Marathon this year and need some motivation for long runs.  I am building up to my long runs runs and wonder if there are people out ther interested in forming a running group would appreciate it if you could post on your blog a shout out to 9-10 minute milers out there on Sunday morning from the Rochestown Line car park.  If there are people interested my schedule is posted on my blog at I will be there anyway!! The distance may change a little as we work out the kinks but the intent is definitely there. My contact details are on the post.