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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Looking ahead to the race in Fota in May...
One of the more unusual local races this year will no doubt be the 4 mile race in Fota Wildlife Park in May. The fact that it is in such a nice spot and a unique location, it should appeal to a lot of runners.

The guys from Eagle AC were out measuring the course last weekend and there is now a set of photos up on the Eagle website showing the route. There is one small section that is along a piece of public road but otherwise, the rest of the course is inside the park itself. Judging from the photos, it looks like it will be a really nice race.


Unknown said...

Looks great - hope the sun shines.
This could be the race of the year.
Is there a cap on the numbers allowed?
For info, the train times that are around the race are:
18.30 leaving Cork, getting to Fota at 18:47. That will be enough time to stroll from the station to the start.
However the return train is at 20:39 or the next one is 22:24
If you are quick, you could run the race and then leg it back to get the train at 20 to 9. A bit tight though!

John Desmond said... far as I know, there is no cap on the numbers.