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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Results of the Ballycotton 10 mile road race - Sun 8th Mar 2009...
The weather forecast was more or less spot on for this one...windy with scattered showers. Certainly the wind was a factor in the first half of the race but it wasn't so bad after all. It's just as well it was from the west because we were well protected from the wind by the big hill above the village. Any showers that we did get were very light and no big deal. It could have been so much worse.

As for the race, it more or less started on small feat with a field of 2,000+ runners! As far as I can see, everything seemed to go like clockwork again. There seemed to be volunteers and stewards everywhere which no doubt helps a lot. The fact they keep people moving and stop bottlenecks occuring helps a lot as well.

Results....The results are now HERE. Note that these contain the 5 mile split times as well. These are the final results and there was 2,402 finishers. This is an increase of 200 on last year and the 2nd highest of all time. (Updated...17th Mar)

Photos... (Updated 17th Mar)
1) Paudie Birmingham now has 748 photos up on his photo gallery.
a) 52 pre-race photos HERE.
b) 90 photos of the start of the race HERE.
c) 315 photos of the first half of the field with about 800 metres to go HERE.
d) 291 photos of the second half of the field with abut 800 metres to go HERE.
Paudie also has his own website with photos of other road races at

2) Finishline Photography have photos of everyone finishing. You can also order copies from them. Their website is

3) There are now a set of 72 photos up on the Eagle AC website.

4) There is a gallery of 41 photos up on the photo gallery of John Hennessey.

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Anonymous said...

Well done on the blog. Ran today - first time in Ballycotton - and would say it was very well organised. Well done to all involved.

Only negative was the runners with ipods on - had trouble getting by one or two, and passed maybe 20 in total.

Anonymous said...

Another Ballycotton gone off like clockwork!

Many thanks to the Ballycotton team and especially to the backroom team who work away quietly outside of the limelight. 364.5 days to go!!

John Quigley

Paudie said...

Great race. Well organised. Pleasure to run and all for 12 euro. Now that’s value for money.

Anonymous said...

Had a fantastic day. Thanks to everyone who helped run it so smoothly.

Can someone explain the protocol with the chip times? According to the preliminary results the guy who came second ran faster than the guy who came first!
And if I use my chip result I gain almost 50 places in the score sheet! :-)

Anonymous said...

To answer the query regarding times; Finish time ALWAYS takes priotity over chip times.

In a time trial, chip time might be used, but in a straight race, it's first past the post. As the OP says, the Sean Connolly ran 17 seconds faster than Vinny Mulvey, but Mulvey, as first past over the line, wins.

For people further back, taking a relatively significant amount of time to cross the line, chip time shows exactly how long it took YOU to complete the 10 miles.

John Desmond said...

Update...The full results with 5 mile splits are now up. The big discepancies between the finish times and the chip times for the top runners have also disappeared.

John Dunphy said...

Hi John,

A big well done to all yesterday.

Will there be a table for the Munster series up this year as for the runners that have done all 3 race's to date.Or has that been scrapped.Well done yesterday by the way impressive time considering you have not done much racing lately.

John Dunphy
Midleton Ac.

Anonymous said...

Simply the best !!!
Well done to everyone asociated with organising the event it was excellent as usual.
A pity we can't get the organisers of Ballycotton to run the country.

Anonymous said...

Hi John,
I've just added 72 photos from Joe Murphy to the Eagle site. We're also waiting for video from Mary Cotter taken at the 2/8 mile area - don't know when we'll have our hands on that.