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Friday, June 03, 2016

Weather forecast for the 2016 Cork City Marathon...

Weather forecast for the 2016 Cork City Marathon...(Updated Mon @7am)

With roughly 2 hours to go, the weather forecast is for hazy sunshine. This is the satellite photo at 7am which shows tenuous cloud cover over the country. There is a strip of cloud to the south which is showing up on rainfall radar. It might have some impact in the late morning. Warm start to the full and expect it to get warmer.

Weather.....Broken sunshine...chance of light rain later. It will probably feel very warm especially after 11am.

Temperatures.....15 deg C at about 9am getting up to a high of about 18 deg C in the early afternoon.
>>Which means that you shouldn't be wearing anything more than a pair of running shorts and a singlet or short sleeved dry fit top. It will be just too warm to wear anything more.

Wind......A light breeze from the south-east.
>>Which means that it is unlikely to be a factor. The most exposed spot will be along the walkway at the waters edge in Mahon but it's unlikely to be an issue.

Overall......The temperatures will be in the high teens and that is going to be a factor for those doing the half and the full. The heat will probably have an impact for most people doing the half and especially the full.

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