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Friday, June 10, 2016

Results of the Cork BHAA Merck 6k race...Thurs 9th June 2016

282 runners turned out for this years Cork BHAA Merck 6k race in Carrigtwohill. The first man home was Ken Devine of St.Finbarr's AC in what I think might have been his first win ever. In the womens race, there was only 11 seconds separating the first three.

1 Ken Devine 0/50C M-1 00:20:33 UCC
2 Bryan Crowley 0/40A M-2 00:20:35 Simply Suits
3 Darragh Canavan M-3 00:20:52 Harty Tax Consulting
35 Orla O Rourke 0/45J F-1 00:24:12 Keen on Sport
37 Helen Gilroy 0/50K F-2 00:24:12 Midleton Town Council
40 Jennifer Goggin F-3 00:24:23 Novartis

The full results can be seen HERE

The winner Ken Devine had taken a wrong turn earlier in the race. Byran Crowley made the very sporting gesture of letting Ken take the win.


Conor O'Sullivan said...

Well done to Ken Devine (Super coach)

Anonymous said...

Very sporting of him, well done Ken

Anonymous said...

Great to see

Anonymous said...

well done to Brian,great gesture

Anonymous said...

Ken didn’t take a wrong turn, there was no guidance from the stewards at that point. At the athletic pace Ken was running he should have been directed by the stewards. Also road markings should have been in place.

Anonymous said...

Thats great to see, brilliant sportsmanship. If you want to win do it fair and square, this chap is fantastic;great role model for kids. No doping,no diving around;no cheating.More of a real athlete than a lot of so called 'elites'.This clip should be shown to young athletes on how you should compete.

Anonymous said...

stewarding problems again?

Mark Flavin said...

Fantastic - well done Ken and Brian. Wrt the stewards - give them a break. This was a BHAA race, cost €5, and most, if not all of the stewards would be working in Merck and may not even be runners. A small local race run by volunteers with all proceeds going to charity. At the end of the day thanks to Brian's sportsmanship, the right man won so no harm was done.

Anonymous said...

This was not a stewarding problem as there was a lead car which followed the correct route and the stewards in place were directing runners the correct route, which Bryan took!!
Very sporting Bryan, true genlteman

Anonymous said...

The steward at the crossroad was dealing with a car coming against the lead runners and from what i hear he was trying to stop the car on the bend and told the runners to go around the car when one runner went straight ahead and the other followed the correct route.