Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results of the Grant Thornton 5k in Cork City...Wed 29th June 2016

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Results of the Grant Thornton 5k in Cork City...Wed 29th June 2016

This was the second year of this particular race and the numbers were down about 23% on last year. In contrast to say the Cork BHAA races where registered runners pay a €5 entry fee, this is a different type of inter company event with most companies paying the €100 entry fee for teams of four runners.

1 Feidhlim KELLY    Athletics Ireland        M    16:05.7
2 Peter FENNELL    Electric Bar and Restaurant    M    16:32.0
3 Donal COAKLEY    Gilead Sciences Ireland UC    M    16:40.8
15 Carol FINN    Electric Bar and Restaurant      18:28.8
18 Claire O'BRIEN    Grant Thornton     18:33.4
19 Jennifer CASHMAN    RDJ     18:38.0 

The full results can be seen HERE


Anonymous said...

Interesting 3rd lady result I note. The video at 18.39 and the results do not match..... will we need a "sworn affidavit" on the results from RDJ Solicitor.... The jury is still out on that one :-)

Anonymous said...

2nd lady looks dodge as well. Unless it was caster semenya?

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the race. It was a a nice course and good to do a different course other than the normal 2 looped Marina course. I wouldn't pay for it myself but once the company said they were putting in a team I had no problem turning up.

One piece of crystal between a team is a bit cheeky though for the cost of entry. Again since company paid I didn't feel shortchanged but they could have at least had a token prize for each member and top runners.

Anonymous said...

Karina Teehan 19:48 and Ali O'Connor 20:05 clear as day from the video 2nd and 3rd respectively in the women's race. Case of the old race number shuffle I'd say....

Anonymous said...

Results are net: mat to mat not gun time so clock at the finish line is a gun time.
Unless runner start from first line, results will always be different from the clock.

dequarefella said...

The last comment may be true in general but specifically in this situation they are incorrect. The RDJ athlete's chip time and overall time differ by about a second and the gentleman who crossed the line at 18.38/18.39 is NOT a woman. If I was one of the ladies I would be pretty pissed off. Would Grant Thornton like to offer an opinion or is it a case of 'we have the cash, go feck yourselves'???? For the price being charged some form of clarification would be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Gonna to side with everyone above. Just like last year I thought everything was very well organised! And this year's course was far faster.

However I agree that every member of the team should get a small momento as a prize! Especially for the price.

Unknown said...

In relation to the time credited to Jennifer Cashman,please note that due to illness Jennifer had to withdraw and I stepped into fill the slot. I've worked at RDJ for decades . Due to oversight the change in the Team lineup wasn't communicated to the race organisers. Apologies for the confusion caused. Tom Fox