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Monday, June 06, 2016

Results & photos of the 2016 Cork City Marathon...Mon 6th June 2016

Conditions were a bit on the warm side for this years Cork City Marathon on Monday the 6th of June, a contrast from the wet and miserable day last year. The marathon and relay races seemed to have gone off fine while there was a major mistake in the half with runners being sent the wrong way.

Full 10
1    Philip Harty (804)    02:32:58    02:32:56    O35  (1)    Male  (1)    1    02:32:58
2    Eoin Sugrue (706)    02:36:47    02:36:44    O40  (1)    Male  (2)    2    02:36:47
3    Brian Hegarty (1016)    02:38:10    02:38:08    O35  (2)    Male  (3)    3    02:38:10
4    Cathal O'connell (985)    02:40:28    02:40:25    O50  (1)    Male  (4)    4    02:40:28
5    Finbarr O Dwyer (880)    02:43:46    02:43:43    O40  (2)    Male  (5)    5    02:43:46
6    Alan Lehane (695)    02:45:21    02:45:18    O30  (1)    Male  (6)    6    02:45:21
7    Peter Mooney (475)    02:45:57    02:45:55    O35  (3)    Male  (7)    7    02:45:57
8    Rory Mooney (1194)    02:47:35    02:47:33    O35  (4)    Male  (8)    8    02:47:35
9    John Murphy (482)    02:49:30    02:49:26    O45  (1)    Male  (9)    9    02:49:30
10    Trust Mtinsi (380)    02:49:58    02:49:53    O35  (5)    Male  (10)    10    02:49:58

29    Nollaigh O'neill (1133)    03:00:40    03:00:37    O40  (1)    Female  (1)    29    03:00:40
34    Una Murphy Plant (715)    03:03:01    03:02:57    O45  (1)    Female  (2)    34    03:03:01
70    Dolores Duffy (500)    03:14:08    03:14:01    O45  (2)    Female  (3)    70    03:14:08
83    Orla Crosbie (979)    03:15:43    03:15:37    O45  (3)    Female  (4)    82    03:15:43
92    Geraldine O'shea (751)    03:18:10    03:18:04    O45  (4)    Female  (5)    92    03:18:10

99    Mary Sweeney (584)    03:19:40    03:19:38    O55  (1)    Female  (6)    99    03:19:40
106    Sara George (1282)    03:21:36    03:20:57    Senior  (1)    Female  (7)    104    03:21:36
107    Fiona Dukelow (1053)    03:21:40    03:21:23    O40  (2)    Female  (8)    107    03:21:40
115    Neasa De Burca (1181)    03:22:12    03:21:59    O35  (1)    Female  (9)    115    03:22:12
132    Clodagh Mcmorrow (85)    03:24:03    03:23:42    O30  (1)    Female  (10)    132    03:24:03

Half-Marathon...Top 5
1    Peter Somba (2033)    01:11:19    01:11:17    Senior  (1)    Male  (1)    1    00:00:01    01:11:19
2    Sergiu Ciobanu (2025)    01:11:27    01:11:25    Senior  (2)    Male  (2)    2    00:00:01    01:11:27

3    Alan O Shea (4055)    01:14:55    01:14:54    Senior  (3)    Male  (4)    4    00:00:01    01:14:55
4    John Meade (3521)    01:15:15    01:15:14    O35  (1)    Male  (5)    5    00:00:01    01:15:15 
16    Aoife Cooke (2884)    01:25:28    01:25:26    Senior  (1)    Female  (1)    16    00:00:02    01:25:28
18    Norah Pieterse (3808)    01:25:54    01:25:52    Senior  (2)    Female  (2)    18    00:00:01    01:25:54
45    Ann Marie Holland (2222)    01:31:29    01:31:22    Senior  (3)    Female  (3)    45    00:00:06    01:31:29
50    Teresa Murphy (3394)    01:31:53    01:31:49    O35  (1)    Female  (4)    51    00:00:03    01:31:53
77    Orla O Rourke (2297)    01:35:11    01:35:03    Senior  (4)    Female  (5)    76    00:00:08    01:35:11

The full results can be seen HERE
(If you are missing from the results, contact the chip timing company)

Photos......(Updated Thurs 9th @19:22)
1) There are 500+ photos on the Running in Cork Facebook page HERE (Link fixed!)
2) Joe Murphy of Eagle AC has 432 pics HERE and about 700 on Patricks St HERE
 and some of the half marathon start HERE
3) Derek Costello of Eagle AC has 800+ photos HERE
4) Kieran Minihane has about 80 HERE
5) Donal O'Regan has a small gallery HERE
6) Susan Parker Laste has 97 photos HERE
7) Ken Egan has a handful HERE
8) Donal O'Chaoimh has nearly 2,700 photos at the Dunkettle Roundabout and the start of Patrick's Street  HERE
9) There are some commercial photos HERE
10) RED FM have 145 photos HERE
11) Claire Lomasney has about 90 photos HERE
12) Mike O'Grady Photography has a nice album HERE
13) Gerard O'Sullivan has four albums with about 700/800 in each of them...#1  #2  #3  #4

Start of the marathon...junction of South Mall & Grand Parade...

Darren Leamy has a video of the start on Patrick's Street...

Ondrej Zizka has another start line video of the full here...

In Cork has a slideshow of photos down around Blackrock & Mahon

Scan Productions has a video montage here with a tiny piece of the half start at 1:05!


Grace said...

Thanks for these updates as always John, it's very much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Alan O Shea was 3rd in the half and John Meade 4th.I think the 3rd place joined the pacers after the start of half went wrong

Caitriona said...

Eoin, was pacing the second half of the full marathon - 3hr pace with me and was not involved in the half marathon mix-up. The organizers gave him a half marathon number to wear hence the problem with the results. Ken.

Cork Half said...

I think there are also some errors in the category winners.

martin said...

I was supposed to be put in the over 50's category but was put in as senior male

Anonymous said...

Same thing happened to me Martin. I am over 50 and was put in as a senior! How could they get that wrong!

Anonymous said...

Worrying decline in quality at the top end of both the mens and women's marathon.

Unknown said...

Who do you contact if the race category it wrong? Is it the timing company?

Anonymous said...

I, too was categorised as 'senior': 'over 21'. I am well over 21 - I am 67! Can they not read figures on the registration form?

John Desmond said...

There are probably loads of small mistakes in the results that will need to be sorted out. The best thing to do is probably contact the chip timing company and they can update your details.

Anonymous said...

There are far too many mistakes, it is not how we operate in Ireland and we should not lower ourselves, and accept there low standards.

Anonymous said...

Derek Costello's pics show the chaos by the Sextant.

Anonymous said...

I think numbers for the full marathon will continue to drop as long as the half marathon is on as well.A lot of the people i trained with over the years use always do the full,now most of them or just doing the half or the relay and doing the Dublin full where there's less hassle of coming across half or relay runners

Donal said...

Thanks for the link John. Rest of the photos up now. All 2.6k of them... Pretty much everyone at Dunkettle and a good few coming around the last corner.

Anonymous said...

In reply to the previous post - for myself I found it hard to run Cork, recover fully, and then train properly for Dublin - I'm just not as hardy as a lot of ye I suppose. At this stage I'm looking marathons elsewhere for the Spring and Dublin in October. I won't be doing the Cork Half again, the timing of the full doesn't suit so I'll probably stick to the relay from now on. Pity Limerick nabbed the May weekend.

Anonymous said...

agree with the above point it takes a good 4 - 6 weeks to recover from a full marathon like Cork and then to train yourself for another full in october is counterproductive. maybe run the event 3 weeks after ballycotton in april sometime and just have a marathon and a relay. run a half marathon and a 10 k in september.

Unknown said...

Is senior classed as 21-30? I'm 28 and thought I was put in the wrong category as I thought senior was over 65!

Unknown said...

Is senior classed as 21-30? I'm 28 and thought I was put in the wrong category as I thought senior was over 65!

John Desmond said...

28 years old >> Up to age 34, you're classed as a senior. At 35 to 39, you're M35 or F35 Masters and then up in 5 year blocks.

Alun Griffiths said...

It isnt just a few mistakes in the age categories, in the half hardly anyone is showing as other than senior (I dont believe there were only 3 other over 55s in the 500 odd runners in front of me! we could all complain individually but something has obviously gone wrong in the system not just individual mistakes

Anonymous said...

Best suggestion yet. In the calendar these days it will inevitably clash with something. I think a full marathon and a 10k in April and the 1/2 and relay the June weekend. Or swap them vice versa.

MarLuc said...

Does anyone know two lovely ladies who took photos on Inchigaggin Lane?
And thanks John for a great job you always do here at this blog, it makes our post-event photo hunting so much easier :)

Anonymous said...

Re: Age categories. I'm in the O40 category and was showing up as Senior. I just contacted the timing company - there is a report error link on the bottom of each result page. They had it changed within a couple of hours. The same company was used for the Great Railway Run and I had to contact them after that as well about the same issue.

Re: Rescheduling the races. Take a leaf out of Dublin's book and run a race series leading up to the full - 5 mile, 10k, 10 mile, Half. Plenty of options for courses out the Marina/Blackrock walkway. You could even incorporate some existing BHAA races.

John Desmond said...

Just a note to say that I added links to loads more photos this morning. Check out Joe Murphy, Donal O'Chaoimh, Mike O'Grady and Gerard O'Sullivan for updated and new galleries.