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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Anger expressed at commercial company spray painting a running route in the Ballyhouras

I came across a post on Facebook which had been shared by some in the hill walking community...

Eidin Clery.....So, the poor ballyhouras mountains have become victim again from a private company running a... Running! Event over next few's quite unbelievable how they are marking their routes..yellow spray paint over, 40km or more of the ballyhoura place safe I walked 2 km this evening clearing it and cleaning marks off they marked fireroads, trees, grass, roots, earth banks...also all on linear routes where there is no need to mark far as I can make out...they have no permission, they didn't publicise locally, they do not clean up, they totally disregard our hills, nobody in local community benefits in any way financially or otherwise.... It's a disgrace. Have sent emails to coilte and will ring tomorrow to complain etc if anyone sees event organisers about can u pass on info please....rumour has it its a company called celtic traverse!

There are also a few video videos posted on Facebook HERE

The Celtic Traverse is a six day running tour organised by a commercial company called Primal Challenges in Armagh. They charge in the region of £1,500 for the whole package which  includes accommodation and transport.

Based on the itinerary above, the runs in the Ballyhoura are probably on the 22nd and 23rd of June and on the Kerry Way on the 25th and 26th of June.

Looking through the videos, it would seem that these markers are placed all over the course rather than at some key junctions. Assuming that it is degradable line marker paint then it will probably take about one to two months for them to disappear.



Anonymous said...

There was something similar last year for a triathlon race in Cobh. Markings on the footpaths that looked like graffiti for months afterwards. Must be very annoying for the likes of the tidy towns to spend their time making the town look nice and then some race organiser puts spray paint everywhere.

Anonymous said...

yeah i think really people should check with coillte or local town council to see what is reasonable in terms of markings etc - none of us own these public areas so we do have to share them with consideration - the MMRA guys usually manage it fine without any spray paint