Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Update on the new path in the Ballincollig Regional Park

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Update on the new path in the Ballincollig Regional Park

Back on the 25th of March, I had a post up about ongoing development of a new pathway in the Ballincollog Regional Park. That work is now almost complete. See the photos of the new path below...

Lovely smooth tarmac surface. The only thing left to be done now is for some tree planting.

As outlined in the previous post, this should open up some new possibilities including race routes or even a 5km parkrun.

Update...more photos....It is now open to the public and very busy by all accounts.

More photos HERE

Thanks to Vincent Florish for the photos.


Anonymous said...

Great work gone into it..Park looking well..I use every it week for a run after work training for the vmware 5k..

Be Great to get a park run there.. a lot more accessible than tramore valley. Hopefully Cork County Council will accommodate this..

Anonymous said...

looks great . Getting the Park Run back up and running would be fantastic as a way of motivating people especially over the Winter where there is not a whole lot going on running wise .