Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results & photos of the Ballintotis 4 mile road race...Thurs 21st Apr 2016

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Results & photos of the Ballintotis 4 mile road race...Thurs 21st Apr 2016

It's official! Summer has now begun. The first  evening road race of the Summer season kicked off in Ballintotis in East Cork with the 4 mile road race. Just over 1000 runners turned out for this race, an amazing number when you see them all crammed in what is a very small community.

As you can see from the chart below, the numbers are down a bit on 2015 but much in line with the 2014 figures. You only have to look back just a few years when we were all amazed when it was up around 600. 
The race is also exceptional in that it not only attracted a large field but also a high quality field. Aoife Cooke's time of 22:22 would win nearly most evening races in the country and yet was good enough for 3rd in Ballintotis.

Looking through the results, 45 runners were running faster than 6 min per mile pace. Some of the races elsewhere in Munster are lucky to get 45 runners! :o))

The first man across the line was James McCarthy of East Cork AC and he has now won the race 7 years in a row!

7th in a row for James McCarthy

1 James MCCARTHY        East Cork AC    M    19:23
2 Michael HARTY        East Cork AC    M    19:37
3 Michael BRUTON        Leevale ac    M    20:54
5 Lizzie LEE        Leevale AC    F    21:21
14 Sinead O'CONNOR        Leevale AC    F    22:13
16 Aoife COOKE        Youghal    F    FO    22:22

The full results can be seen HERE

Photos... (Updated 25th Apr)
1) There are 263 photos up on the Running in Cork Facebook page HERE
2) Denis O'Flynn has a gallery HERE

Lizzie Lee of Leevale AC...winner of the 2016 Ballintotis 4 mile road race. Photo:Nina McCarthy
First 3 men in the Ballintotis 4 mile...(L-R) James McCarthy of East Cork AC 1st, Michael Harty of East Cork 2nd & Michael Bruton of Leevale AC 3rd. Photo: Nina McCarthy

Finish line video from the Chip Timing company My Run Results


Anonymous said...

Anyone else think that the chip timing was a bit off? According to the results, I got to the line just one second after the off, hardly likely as I was a good few rows back. Was fairly close to a p.b so it's a bit annoying. Great event as ever otherwise though.

Anonymous said...

Great event as ever in Ballintotis. Went off without a hitch with over 1000 runners.

Anonymous said...

Great event as always. My third time doing this run and everything spot on as always. Well done to all volunteers. May I pass a big 'Thank you' to that guy who was shouting encouragement at me with just 500mts to go. This is what I love about doing these races - it doesn't matter what time you run, everybody is there to beat their own best time. And I did. Thank you - whoever you are for pushing me when I needed it most.

Anonymous said...

Re timimg. I pressed go pretty much as soon as I passed the line both at the start an the end and the time on the watch was bang on with the chip time. I was about 10-15 rows back I'd say. Great race as ever and cheers to all the bakers!! I'd say I put on more weight eating cake than I lost running :)

John G said...

Credit to the team in Ballintotis once again. Everything suggests there should be chaos there - small country village, narow country roads, over 1,00 runners....but everything passes off wothout a hitch yer after year. Amazing !! And they surely set a new record for the number of stewards at a race last night. It was easily well over 100.
Weel done Ballintotis - it was a great evenings running.

Anonymous said...

Great race great night, must have great community spirit in ballintotis. Well done to all involved.

Unknown said...

I'm a slow runner and at around the 2 mile mark this little girl shouted "keep going u can win this" I could hear James mccarthy coming in over the finish line! Great race tho.

Anonymous said...

Great race again this year. From the car parking, stewards, registration, toilets, support along the way - and a big shout out to 1) the family who had the water station just after the 2 mile marker, 2) the smallies giving high fives to runners just before the 3 mile marker and 3) the lovely lady at registration who thought I was looked a lot younger than I am :) Real community effort and well run.
See you all again next year!

Anonymous said...

Iv attended a few races over the past few years but I must say I was so impressed with this one. Nice fast course and the organisation that went into this race was unbelievable from road signs parking lighting Volunteers etc . The amount of volunteers helping out was incredible. The M.C. before the race did a cracking job calling out course records and high lighted all the favourites for the race to let everyone know this was going to be a fast time. The spread was fantastic afterwards and even though it was packed you were fed and through the hall in no time. Well done ballintottis I will be back next year