Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results & photos of the Great Railway Run 25km, 10km & 5km race...Sun 17th Apr 2016

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Results & photos of the Great Railway Run 25km, 10km & 5km race...Sun 17th Apr 2016

What a difference a week can make. In contrast to the rain, winds and floods that say the 10 mile race in Cobh cancelled last Sunday, the conditions for the Great Railway Run couldn't be more different. Nice and dry, a small bit of sunshine early on but a bit cooler in the later satges.

All said and done, a total of 585 runners took part across the three races.

Winners of the 25km race from Cork City to Carrigaline...Mary Sweeney and Alex O'Shea

1    Alex O'SHEA (232)    01:27:50    00:00:00    Ages 40-49  (1)    Male  (1)
2    Joe CUNNINGHAM (42)    01:31:07    00:00:00    Open  (1)    Male  (2)
3    Paul DUGGAN (60)    01:31:13    00:00:00    Open  (2)    Male  (3)
22    Mary SWEENEY (269)    01:49:12    00:00:00    Ages 50-59  (1)    Female  (1)
24    Sorcha KEARNEY (108)    01:50:04    00:00:00    Ages 40-49  (1)    Female  (2)
26    Jean LUCEY (131)    01:50:18    00:00:00    Open  (1)    Female  (3)

10km results...
1    Donncha KIELY (617)    00:36:31    00:00:00    Open  (1)    Male  (1)
2    Vincent O SULLIVAN (669)    00:39:56    00:00:00    Open  (2)    Male  (2)
3    Andrew KELLY (613)    00:40:42    00:00:00    Open  (3)    Male  (3)
4    Ronnie BARRY (509)    00:41:49    00:00:00    Ages 40-49  (1)    Female  (1)
9    Stephanie Johnson (793)    00:45:00    00:00:00    Ages 40-49  (1)    Female  (2)
14    Aoife KELLY (611)    00:46:53    00:00:00    Open  (1)    Female  (3)

5km results...
1    Margaret LILLIS (1067)    00:20:50    All Ages  (1)    Female  (1)
6    Kate O DONOVAN (1088)    00:26:30    All Ages  (2)    Female  (2)
7    Grainne LYNCH (1070)    00:27:13    All Ages  (3)    Female  (3)
2    Christoph STOJCIC (1121)    00:21:26    All Ages  (1)    Male  (1)
3    Brian BARRETT (1004)    00:23:46    All Ages  (2)    Male  (2)
4    Aaron O FLYNN (1090)    00:25:18    All Ages  (3)    Male  (3)

Updated 21st Apr...The full results of all 3 races can be seen HERE

If your time is way out or missing, contact the chip timing company..

Photos... (Updated Mon 9:25am)
1) Joe Murphy of Eagle AC has a gallery HERE
2) There is a gallery from Adrian O'Herlihy Photography HERE
3) Graham Nudds has 700+ photos HERE
4) There is a small gallery of 33 photos from Mick Dooley of Eagle AC HERE
5) Derek Costello of Eagle AC has 4 albums...
...a) 174 pics of the 25km runners at Harty's Quay in Rochestown
...b) 263 photos in Monkstown
...c) 154 in Shanbally
...d) 39 in Ringaskiddy
6) There are 400+ in an album on the Running in Cork Facebook page


Colette said...

Really enjoyed today. Did the 10k and the day was perfect for it. Well organized and well marshalled It was my 1st time doing this run and i will be back next year. Well done to all involved in the organizing of it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to all those who supported this event especially the many volunteers. Notwithstanding some small issues the event went well and the feedback on the new finish area was very positive. We had a temporary out of stock issue for 20 mins with the 25K medals. We apologise for this and if anyone didn't get theirs please let us know and we will rectify the situation. As organisers we didn't feel the 10K start worked so well partly because we located it too far from registration and we will look at this for next year. There were also a number of errors in the prizegiving, one was a registration error and the rest we are investigating. We are proposing in future to run the 25K and the 10K prizegiving earlier and separately than the 5K and to publish the draft results first to enable discrepancies to be spotted. Finally we will send out a survey as we we did last year to receive your comments in relation to all aspects of the event. Thanks again, Conor Phelan

Conor said...

We are aware that there are issues particularly with missing results and we have raised these with our timing people. Thank you for your understanding. Conor

Anonymous said...

are there photos of the 5k runners?

Unknown said...

I had a few in my set but do accept I didn't stay to the end. It is a long day considering we were at the start line before 9:30 and it was well after 12 when the mass of 5k runners came in. Sorry.

John Desmond said...

More pics on the way. I missed the front of the 25k so I have loads of the 10k and 5k runners.

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed the 25K. Hadn't done the race before so can't comment on any changes but well marshalled, plenty of water and lovely food at the end.
It was a beautiful morning to run and hopefully we will be back again

Orla said...

Excellent Event, really well run, stewards were really encouraging.

Feed at the end was moments! sou,p sandwichs,fruit, cakes, rice krispie cakes!!!!

a huge effort clearly put in, that hill in ringaskiddy though right at the start, killed me!!

Well done to all involved, chariots of fire was a nice touch at the start line too!

stephanie johnson said...

If you look at 10k results, Ronnie Barry is male so stephanie johnson was first female in.

Anonymous said...

Times posted are not chip time. Will this be rectified?

John Desmond said...

There is a mistake in the results Stephanie in that Ronnie was listed there as male. Ronnie Barry is a member of Bandon AC and she is one of the fastest runners in West Cork. Someone in the chip timing company probably made an error when they put the name in.

Colin O'Herlihy said...

An incredibly well organised race considering the logistics involved. Huge credit and thanks to the multitude of stewards and helpers from the Carrigaline Lions Club and Carrigaline Mens Shed and especially Conor Phelan for all the hard work put in. The event is growing each year and deserves to continue to grow based on this performance. And all profits go to local charities and community groups. A big well done to all!

Anonymous said...

I really do appreciate that the stewards are volunteers and without them there wouldn't be a race, but my experience was that I had to ask which direction to go a lot of the time. Just a small thing, but it makes a difference, especially when you don't know the route and you're tired towards the end of a run. Also, I thought the prizes were a bit unbalanced between male and female categories.

Anonymous said...

I ran the 25k and must say it was a really well organised event, and a great preparation race for anyone doing the Cork marathon, it will be the equivalent of the Cork-to-Cobh as a preparation race for Dublin marathon.Bus to start left dead on time, registration very straight forward, luggage transfer excellent,Great route, plenty of water stations, loads of stewards,great food after, a lot of thought & organisation went into this race. I would highly recommend it & add it to the list of Cork races well worth doing.

John Desmond said...

Thurs 21st Apr...7am...results now updated. A good few missing runners are now there.