Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Hillwalker awarded €40,000 in damages after falling on boardwalk

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Hillwalker awarded €40,000 in damages after falling on boardwalk

In a judgement that could have serious consequences for everyone that uses national parks, a hill walker was awarded €40,000 in damages last week. Teresa Wall aged 59 fell on a boardwalk when she was walking  in the Wicklow Mountains. The National Parks and Widlife Service is expected to appeal the judgement.

The full story is carried in the Irish Times HERE with a follow up piece HERE.

These board walks are put in place to stop soil erosion which is important when there is a lot of traffic from walkers.

If this judgement is upheld then it could well have serious implications for anyone that goes running off road.


Anonymous said...

A case of ambulance chasing if there ever was one. Better call Saul.

Anonymous said...

I hope she is proud of herself and I hope the judge is even more proud of himself.
This is disgraceful!!

Anonymous said...

This could change the freedom of walking in Wicklow. How could a cut needing 7 stiches be awarded 40k plus costs. We don't like to hear of people hurting themselves but I think everyone accepts that there is a chance you could hurt yourself when walking on the hills.