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Thursday, April 07, 2016

Great Island 4 mile & 10 mile in Cobh this weekend...Sun 10th Apr 2016

The big race in Cork this weekend is of course the Great Island 10 mile in Cobh. This is on Sunday morning the 10th of April at 10:30am. You can enter the 10 mile on the day for €25 (4 mile €15). All proceeds from this race go towards the Irish Cancer Society.

This is the 10 mile course below...It starts and finishes in Cobh and takes in a loop around the island. There are two hills which are about 400m long but there is plenty of downhill running as well.

Don't forget that there is also a 4 mile race. This in contrast to the 10 miler is a much faster course. There are no hills worth talking about and you should expect to set a fast time. See the 4 mile course below...

The entry fee for the 4 mile race on the day is €15 and it starts at 10:45am.

The race HQ is at the local community centre.

More info in this previous post.

Preview of the 10 mile race with maps and photos HERE and of the 4 mile race HERE

The race website is

Updates from the organisers.....
1) Lots of people who unfortunately are unable to attend on Sunday are asking how they can still contribute to our fight against cancer. For anybody that would like to contribute they can do so by
Texting the word "CANCER" to 50300, text donation value is €4 *100% of the text value goes to the Society across most network providers. Some providers apply VAT which means that a minimum of €3.26 will go to the Irish Cancer Society.

2) Each competitor will receive a text message confirming their time shortly after the race. We hope to have results available as soon as possible after the race and they will be posted on our Facebook and Web Site by Monday.

3) Don't forget your swim gear peeps - Coral Leisure Centre Cobh has kindly offered their Leisure Centre to anyone wishing to avail of a Swim, Sauna, Steam and Shower after the event for €2. All money raised or donated by competitors in the Leisure Centre on the day will be donated back to the Charity. Coral Leisure Centre is near the start line so not too far away from HQ so if you can, please avail of this service. Where else would you get it!!

4) A Shuttle Bus will be available if required to bring runners back to Head Quarters after the run where refreshments will be served, a big thanks to “Butlers Buses Cobh” who year in year out provide this great service to us free of charge.

5) After crossing the finish line please take heed of the official’s instructions at the end of the funnel. There will be water and snack bars available for all competitors, and if you finish in the top 100 you will receive a T-shirt.

6) For the 10 Mile - There will be water stations at 3.5m, 6m, and 8m. Each mile will be marked with a mileage marker. There will be an ambulance present on the day.

7) For the 10 Mile - Unless you are running under 55mins you should not be in the front at the start line. Time zones will be displayed so please go to your appropriate zone. Anyone intending on walking please take your position at the rear of the field.

8) Toilet facilities will be available at head quarters and also at the finish line.

9) Head Quarters on the day: The Great Island Community Centre which is in close proximity to all start lines. This can be used as changing facilities and gear bags can be left here during the race.

10) Directions - After Fota you will be turning left at Bellvelly Bridge. It will be signposted from here in. Vehicle Owners should follow the sign posts for the official race car parks. All car parks will be managed by an official race steward.

11) "every 15 minutes someone hears the words "you have cancer""

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