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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Review of the PUMA Pure Nightcat Jacket

I was recently sent a PUMA running jacket for preview. As always, I stated clearly that I would do a preview on the basis that it had to be honest. If I found fault with something or I didn't like something then I would say so.

The jacket I was sent was the PUMA NightCat Jacket. This is it below. I've been running in this for a while now and I find it a nice jacket to wear. The material is light enough that you don't really overheat in it. I've being using it in the cold weather when it was down around 4 deg C and it certainly kept the wind out. I also tried it in light rain and it seemed pretty good. I could see the water drops forming little beads on the surface of the garment rather than soaking straight in. I looked it up on the net and the jacket is not described as waterproof. It's a bit like most running jackets....if it is misty or if the rain is very light and for a short period of time then you're fine. If the rain is torrential then you're going to get wet.

This is the rear of the jacket. It shows the fine pattern a bit better and the ventilation holes.

The jacket I have been using in the past was a yellow Ron Hill one. One obvious advantage of the yellow jacket is that it's a bit more visible during the day but other than that, this is a really nice jacket and does the job.

Here is some product info.....The PUMA Pure NightCat Jacket is made with VisiCELL materials to keep you visible in the darker winter months. With great freedom of movement and improved ventilation this jacket is the perfect addition to your running wardrobe.

VisiCELL...Highly reflective materials are designed to enhance other’s awareness of you in dim light situations, and keep your body visible while you train or play.

3M reflective yarns and additional reflective items for enhanced visibility in low light condition
Lazercut holes in the back for improved air circulation at critical heat zones
Anatomical shaped collar to avoid friction at the hair line
Articulated sleeves for improved flexibility and freedom of movement
Zip pocket with earphone loop on the inside

Men’s NightCat Jacket
RRP €60
Stockist –
Women’s NightCat Jacket
RRP €60
Stockist –

I also tried it out at night and took a photo with a flash from a camera. As you can see below, it's only then that you really see the effect of the stripes. It's almost like wearing a high viz jacket. It's suprising just how bright it is and while the yellow jacket I have has some small luminous strips, it's nothing as prominent as this.

I guess the bottom line is would I buy it if I was looking for a running jacket and I'd have to say yes. If you are interested in one then click on the links above or ask a running store that stocks PUMA running gear.

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