Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results of the Doneraile 5 mile race - Sun 23rd Oct 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Results of the Doneraile 5 mile race - Sun 23rd Oct 2011

This 5 mile race in Doneraile Park went ahead last Sunday in what were really wet conditions. A total of 144 people turned out which is great for the first race and which will hopefully be an annual event.

The course was hillier than originally planned due to some repair work on a bridge within the park so next year's race should be much flatter and on a better surface.

The winner of the mens race was Danny Smith of Ballynonty AC who won in a time of 28:59. The womens race was won by Elaine Thompson in 33:56.

The full results can be found HERE

There is a short report on the Sporting Doneraile website.


John G said...

Quick comment on Sunday in Doneraile. The rain was savage,and it made for very difficult conditions in the Park.First time i've run where the water often came in over the top of my runners regularly !! 1 tough climb at 1.5 miles but otherwise fairly flat. Huge credit must go to the organisers on 2 counts - I have never seen so many volunteers and stewards at ANY race this year...and it would have been very easy for things to get messy and unorganised in the desperate weather conditions, but everything went really smoothly.All present,competitors, stewards and supporters deserve great praise. Looking forward to better weather next year.

Anonymous said...

Agree completely with John G, apart from the 'fairly flat' comment, I found the course quite tough! Think the weather conditions were probably the worst I have ever run in, and when it's through a park like Doneraile, such bad weather causes extra problems regarding terrain, etc. HUGE thank to all those who stood and got absolutely drowned wet stewarding and helping out, huge organisation had clearly gone in to blocking off parts of the park and ensuring that noone went wrong with the loops, etc. Nice food and tea, etc afterwards too. well done to all.