Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: How to build a 400 metre 2 mins

Thursday, October 06, 2011

How to build a 400 metre 2 mins

Here's an interesting video clip......the construction of the new track at Albert Park's Lakeside Stadium in Melbourne, Australia.

This is how you construct a world class IAAF standard track in just over 2 minutes...


John Quigley said...

2 Mins!! LOL! When I saw the heading I said something along the lines of "WTf???...No way!" Anyway interesting video.

BTW, when the CIT track was relaid, in 2001, the track shut for 6 weeks for the job. The weather was awful for long periods that year, so the track was actually shut for 11 months!

The Aussies should be thankful for their good weather! wonder it only took them 2 mins and us 11 months, with our weather! [grin]

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't believe how much faster the pace of life is in Oz lol!

Andy Gibson, Eagle AC

Anonymous said...

OMG! LOL, wtf