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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dealing with Dogs...

Here are a few tips from Runners World on how to deal with dogs if you are out running...

The main thing is that you need to convey a sense of calm. Here's how to do it right.

DON'T: A high-pitched, shrieking voice broadcasts fear and may activate the dog's fight instinct.
DO: Use a deep, firm voice to convey a sense of calm.

DON'T: Turn your back and run—that'll make you look like prey, which may encourage a chase.
DO: Stand tall, facing the dog and slowly, calmly back away.

DON'T: Direct eye contact can seem aggressive to a dog, further encouraging a physical encounter.
DO: Watch the dog out of the corner of your eye without making direct eye contact.

DON'T: Cowering may activate a prey response, while a combative position may instigate a fight.
DO: Stay relaxed, and use an upright posture to give a sense of authority.

If a scary dog really comes at you, spray it with water if you have a bottle.


Anonymous said...

So far i have never had a problem with dogs while out running , however Kids get in my way all the time and force me off foothpaths etc also running past a group of youths is a nightmare as you get abuse and more often than not something flung at you .....Dogs are fine they are only being dogs .

Brian said...

All the above tips are good but the bottom line is if a dog ATTACKS you on a public road the dog's owner is responsible for the dog's actions.
I do a lot of running on country roads and as happened in the past when a dog comes out from a property and ATTACKS you as you are running on the road, I have come back later and informed the owner of what happened.The owner usualy has a positave response and that would be the end of it.But if it occurred again (and it has) I report it to the local Garda station.They will call out and thave a word with the owner.
I never have a problem with the dog after that.Remember the owner of a dog is legally bound to be in control of it's dog on all public places.

Raedi said...

Please take the photo of the german shepard down and replace it with a small yappy dog! These are always the worst ones! I run with my german shep (on the lead!) and it is ALWAYS the small dogs that chase and nip at our heels.

Anonymous said...

I have only been nipped on the ankle once by a small terrier while running,all because i keep running with my back to this dog.Now I always face any dog now big or small and just slowly pass them on my journey.