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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

News Round Up...Wed 26th Oct 2011

Here  is a quick news round-up of a few news items I came across during the last week that might be of interest.......

1) Considering the Dublin Marathon is coming up on Monday, this one is appropriate. Why runners should consider giving a Marathon a miss if they have 'Fevers, severe pains, stress fractures and chest pains'.........Advice from the Running Doc HERE

2) From last Friday's Irish interview with former Irish Olympian Dick Hooper on who might qualify in the Dublin Marathon for the 'A' standard of the 2012 London Olympics (2:15 for men, 2:37 for women).......article HERE. (Athletics Ireland have another piece HERE)

3) How quickly is water absorbed after you drink it? Results in tests show that water started showing up in the bloodstream within five minutes; half of the water was absorbed in 11-13 minutes; and it was completely absorbed in 75-120 minutes...........article HERE

4) Marion Jones........remember her?.....the former American sprinter who was found to be taking is what she is up to now......HERE

5) Five runners killed by a car in South Africa.......HERE

6) Haile Gebrselassie was in the news last September when he dropped out of the Berlin Marathon. Well, he was back in action again winning a Half-Marathon in Birmingham, England in a time of 61:29. His mile splits were 4:46, 4:47, 4:52, 4:35, 4:48, 4:37, 4:25, 4:23, 4:37, 4:38, 5:07, 4.31. Article HERE

7) On the subject of Marathons and Marathon records, this guy might be the one to watch...Kenya's Geoffrey Mutai. He won the Boston Marathon back in April in 2:03:02 but it wasn't a record as the course didn't qualify for records. Surely it's only a matter of time before he gets close again. Article about him HERE

8) The Telegraph reports that Steve Ovett was snubbed for Olympic tickets....."Ovett, who beat Coe to the 800 metres gold medal at the 1980 Moscow Olympics, was invited earlier this year to take part in the 2012 Olympic ticket launch in London. Since he now lives in Australia, he was offered free travel and accommodation but was told he would not be paid a fee. He replied that  he was happy to help out but wondered whether he might be sorted out with a couple of tickets to the 1500 metres final in the Olympic Stadium. He was shocked to receive a standard letter from the London organising committee acknowledging his ticket application and advising him to apply through the public ballot. Needless to say, he decided to give the ticket launch a miss."

9) The BBC had a follow up on the guy that cheated in a Marathon in Northumberland by hopping on a bus at the 20 mile mark and finishing 3rd. His club Sunderland Harriers have since kicked him out. The person that should have come 3rd said....."I think it was just a moment of madness for the guy who said he was third. I think he just wanted his T-shirt and medal but did not realise he was third and he just had to play along with it.". Article HERE

10) Irish Paralympic sprinter Jason Smyth, who suffers a visual impairment caused by Stargardt’s disease, is fighting to join Oscar Pistorius in becoming the first sprinters to compete at both the Paralympics and Olympics in the same year. With a personal best a mere four hundredths of a second short of the qualifying threshold, the Irish international is cautiously optimistic about his chances of making history next summer. Article HERE

11) ..........and finally, Usain Colt wins first race in the UK......HERE ;o)

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