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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Results of the Cork BHAA Army/Navy 5 mile race...Wed 17th Aug 2011

The full results of the Cork BHAA Army/Navy race are now available.

The link is HERE

Accurate Course...???
I ran this race and I suspect that some of the mile markers might have been in the wrong spot. My 2nd mile was roughly as fast as my first mile despite the fact that there was a big hill in it. My 3rd mile seemed a lot slower even though I maintained the same pace.

So I suspect that some of the mile markers were in the wrong spot. In reality, it's no big deal as long as the overall distance was correct.

But was it? Someone mentioned to me that the start line was further back in previous years, not at the arch where the start and finish point was.

I plotted out the course on MapMyRun and the 1 and 4 mile mark did not match up. It suggested that the course was ~50 metres short. It would be worth mentioning that MapMyRun is not super accurate. It gives an indication, not definite proof.

I asked a few people with GPS watches what they measured. Exactly 5.00/5.01 miles. The problem here is that they should not have got exactly 5.00 miles, it should have been a fraction longer...something like 5.05 miles. A runner is very unlikely to take the exact shortest route on a course and will nearly always run slightly longer. Again a health warning.......GPS watches are prone to errors. They give an indication but do not provide conclusive proof.

In terms of race courses and accuracy, it is ok if a course is slighty too long. In that case, people will have run the required distance and all times are valid. But if a course is slightly short then all times are void.

So, was the course accurate or short?? Opinions?? Click on the comment link below...


Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed the run. The venue and organisation were top notch and the views coming out of and going back to Haulbowline were of my favourite venues.

Anonymous said...

What an evening for it! It was beautiful down in Haulbowline looking out over the harbour which was like a millpond.
As usual race organisation was flawless and the spread afterwards provided by the navy was top notch.
It's one of my favorite races of the year. Great to get the opportunity to see the naval base in all its glory. Reasonably tough but fair course. Thanks to all involved and to the navy for being great hosts as always.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if it was short but i agree the markers were not giving me an even pace. I was also the same time for the first two miles even though the second was uphill. It was my fourth mile that seemed out. Timed 30-40s slower than previous three even though i felt i was running an even pace and was slowly overtaking people so dont think i was slowing down. Got a bit of a shock when i checked my watch! Great race and great food!

Anonymous said...

I noticed it on the night as well and asked another runner if his GPS watch had the mile markers at different locations than their GPS position. His watch was the same as mine, 1st mile was right, the position of the 2nd and 3rd marker was short by about 0.1 of a mile but when we got to the 4th mile the marker was at the correct distance according to the GPS. But the distance to the finish line was also short. Total distance according to my watch was 4.98 miles.

I never did this race before so I don't know where they usually started it but may be it should be back near the square be next year. On the other hand it had one of the best facilities and best grub this year, and it was a nice tough course

Esther said...

My GPS timed it at about 5.06 miles and it was beeping either before or after the mile markers. It was the same in Ardmore, so I would agree that the watch isn't 100% accurate and the beeps tend to put you off when they are out of synch.
I really enjoyed the run as well!!

Anonymous said...

My garmin 405 registered 4.97 miles and it is always fairly accurate. Tonight it recorded 5.02 for the Ballycotton 5 mile. On that note, I think the army/navy run was slightly short by approx. 50m. However a great run and well organised as always.

Anonymous said...

Have to agree with previous poster, my garmin registered almost exactly the same difference between the haulbowline course and tonight's Ballycotton race. Really enjoyed the army/ navy race though, doesn't bother me in the slightest that it was slightly short.

Anonymous said...

So ballycotton was short also , times are void --- re-run ....... like a lot of other races i ran this year, i am currently awaiting a reply from garmin on their watches .....and accuracy ...

John Desmond said...

Nobody suggested that the Ballycotton course was short.

...and GPS watches are good but not exact.