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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cork City's new park........suitable for running?

Following on from the previous post about the proposed development of the UCC Farm in the west of the Cork City, it might be worth having a look at a potential new area.

The old city dump which later became the Kinsale Road Landfill Site is in the process of being developed into a new park for Cork City. Located just off the South Ring Road, it is central to the city and is within easy access of the main road network.

The photo above shows the UCC Farm on the left with the area used for by runners in orange. The landfill site is shown on the right on the same scale. As you can see, it is a substantial area.
The present plan involves covering part of the site with a layer of clay and then putting down a shallow layer of topsoil (~1ft in depth) over the 170 acre site. The end result should be a basic park with grass with some area set aside for playing pitches.
At present, they are drawing up a final development plan for the park which hopefully will include plenty of trails. It is thought that it may be open to the public some time in 2012.

Just out of interest, I measured a rough route around the perimeter of the proposed park on MapMyRun. It works out as roughly 2.5 kms. Two laps would be perfect for a ParkRun event mentioned in an earlier post!! ;o)


jane said...

A great idea John. I live in East Cork but would happily travel up to the city if there was an attractive park for running:-)

johnoc said...

Hi John
I wonder does anyone know how we could submit a proposal for a running amenity on this sunstantial site? Rather then hope that there is some class of a path around the perimeter maybe the Cork running community should propose something. And lobby for it. Maybe we could persuade a few of Corks sporting heros to back it?
As you mentioned yourself John, something that could host a park race would be awesome.
My tuppence worth