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Friday, August 26, 2011

Results of the Ballycotton 5 mile road race...Thurs 25th Aug 2011

In a day full of heavy showers, Ballycotton worked it's usual magic as the clouds parted and autumn sunshine greeted the runners for the final race in the Ballycotton Summer Race Series. From a previous peak of 505 runners in 2009 and 498 last year, the numbers surged ahead again with 530 taking part this year. That is the highest number ever for any of the four Ballycotton 5 mile races.

The winner of the mens race was Sean McGrath of East Cork AC in 26:16. The womens race was won by Lizzie Lee of Leevale AC in 28:53.
Start of the 2011 Ballycotton 5 mile race in bright sunshine
Results..........the full results can be found HERE

1) Joe Murphy of Eagle AC has a slideshow of photos around the 2.5 mile mark HERE
Downpour at the finish line while the runners were out on the course

Update......womens team results....
There was a mistake at the prizegiving after the race with regard to the winning womens team. After a inquiry, Eagle AC's women's team have been declared winner's of the race with 11 points....2, 4 and 5. Leevale also had 11pts...1, 3 and 7. They lost out to Eagle AC as their 3rd person finished lowest.
It seems that on the night, the 'second' woman in the race (non-club) turned out to be a man and this caused all of the confusion.


Anonymous said...

No pic of me :(

John Desmond said...

Sorry Anonymous ;o)

......there should be more on the way

Anonymous said...

John, i was told that about 3 minutes after the race started it poured out of the heavens,boy were we lucky or what :O)

Anonymous said...

I am surprised that there has been no mention of the young child who ran this race.She had a number so one must presume she was an official entry.This I think was highly irresponsible of the organisers to allow a child this young to run.She was a small child no more than seven or eight.I dont mind how fast she was the child could not run safely as she was going from side to side of the road and cutting in front of people causing them to slow etc.There was an adult who was running with her who did not seem to care where she ran once she was going fast.If someone was tripped or worse still caused the child to fall and get trampled on it would be a sad story.There are plenty of races for kids outside of five mile road races or else let the parent/guardian take responsibility and get the child to run beside them and not cause danger to themselves or other runners.

John Desmond said...

Appearently, she was with her parents and the family on holiday from the USA. Normally, children are not encouraged to run in adult races but in this case, she ran with and under the supervision of her father.

I'm told that it is normal in the United States for young kids to run in road races.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of cutting in & causing people to slow, what is the ethiquette here? I've seen some of the more seasoned campaigners in action in several races insisting on maintaining the "racing line" but in the process, cutting up several runners, causing them to slow and/or adjust their stride.

John Desmond said...

In general, the person who is ahead has the right of way.

Taking the racing line usually results in the shortest distance and the fastest times.

Anonymous said...

I must agree with the earlier post that this child was a danger to herself and other runners.She nearly tripped me at the two and a half mile stage and when I protested I was completely ignored by her father.Also John I have run numerous races in America and no children this small ever ran them unless things have changed in very recent years.

Anonymous said...

Hi John,

Just a word of thanks to the BRP team, I ran all four races and they are amazingly well organised. I've run races all over the country and these are the best I have come across in terms of organisation, accuracy of results /course and just about any other measure you can think of...not to mention the price!

Thank you very much.