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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More video clips from the 2008 Cork Half Marathon...
Another 7 video clips from the Cork Half Marathon are now up on the net. Again, they are taken near the 12 mile mark and roughly shows those who finished in 150th to 455th position. Note that you will need a fast Internet connection like broadband to watch these.

Clip Number 9.....(1m 06s long).....This piece shows those who finished roughly in 150th to 160th positions. The video clip ends with 2 ladies from West Waterford AC heading for the finish.


Clip Number 10.......(2m 08s long)........This clip shows those who finished roughly between 161st and 196th position. The poor video camera looks like it was getting a bit of a soaking but you can still make out the runners ok.


Clip Number 11.......(5m 20s long)..........This video clip shows those runners who finished roughly in 197th to 272nd position.


Clip Number 12.........(9m 11s long).........This is a long clip showing those who finished between 273rd and 380th place. In answer to the question at 0:24...yes, they are sisters!! Further on around 1:50, you can hear talking....lots of talking? Who can talk that much while they are running a half marathon? However, it turns out to be the Barr's girls going for a warm down in the opposite direction. Don't worry, they don't go too far. They re-appear in clip number 14 on the way back.....still running.......still talking ;o)
Still some bad driving though around 6:07.....instead of waiting behind a runner for the way ahead to clear, no......some clown decides to squeeze in between the runner and oncoming traffic.


Clip Number 13.........(1m 43s long)..........This shows runners in 381st to 399th position.


Clip Number 14.........(4m 03s long).........This clip shows those runners who finished 400th to 430th passing.


Clip Number 15..........(4m 38s long)........This clip shows those who finished roughly in 431st to 455th position. At 1:50, the cat is let out of the bag when we discover 'nearly there' is actually 'nearly there by car'!! You can just see all those runners getting around the next corner only to discover that the finish is nowhere in sight ;o)

At this stage of the race, the runners are beginning to get spaced out and the traffic seems to be going faster! Like around 3:49....some idiot driver decides to 'go for it' and nip in front of some runners just before the oncoming car arrives. Heaven forbid that they should be 10 seconds late. Would it really be that big a deal if the road was closed for say 3 hours???

Don't forget to get those entries for Cork to Cobh off to Kevin Cummins.

Tomorrow, I'll have a look at the Ladies Mini-Marathon which is coming up next Sunday.

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