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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Running for Temple Street Childrens Hospital in the Dublin City Marathon...
I received an e-mail recently from Jennifer Manning of Cork CUH asking me if I could mention the Temple Street Childrens Hospital on the blog in the run up to the Dublin Marathon. I know that a considerable number of runners from Cork and Munster will be running in the Marathon and perhaps some might consider raising funds for this very worthy cause. Jennifer sent on a link to the Temple Street Childrens Hospital website and the following text...

"This link gives potential participants information on how to register for the marathon and raise funds for Temple Street. My email address is also given as point of contact for anyone interested in undertaking this challenge for Temple Street. I will supply them with sponsor cards and further information on fundraising and the marathon, and I also provide Temple Street runners with marathon t-shirts."

Jennifer sent on 2 documents to me which I have now put up on a website so you can look at them.

For more information on Temple Street Childrens Hospital, click HERE.

For more information on their Cystic Fibrosis project, click HERE.

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