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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Results of the 'Cork Evening Echo' Womens Mini Marathon 4 Mile Road Race/Fun Run...Sun 28th Sep 2008
First of all, the full results will be published in next Saturdays Evening Echo on the 4th of October. Last year, the results were pretty poor in that they only published the finishing times for the first 10. Let's hope that they provide a more complete results service this year.

I have put the results for the top 100 finishers up on a website. Just click on the zoom and use your mouse and drag the results around to see your time.

I had hoped to try out a new camera and get a few photos of this race. However, when I tried the camera this morning, it was dead! The battery was completely flat :o(
So, it was back to the old trusty 2 megapixel camera and maybe it was just as well because some of the shots came out pretty good.

The first set of photos are at the 1 mile mark. After that, I made my way over to Monaghan Road through the thousands of walkers coming towards me! It was a bit like that Alfred Hitchcock film 'The Birds' ;o) All I could hear was the murmur of thousands of women talking away as they walked past.

By the time I got to Monaghan Road, I had just missed the front runners but managed to catch a few hundred as they made their way towards the finishing line. As soon as I had one memory card full, I made my way towards the 3 mile mark, changed the card and took a few more shots there. Even at that stage, the crowds had not thinned out. It really is an amazing event and it's great to see so many taking part. Judging by the number of special charity T-shirts, a huge amount of money must have been collected. Well done to everyone who took part.

As for any ban on MP3 players, forget it! If this was a BHAA event, MP3 players would be way down their list of worries. I saw one person running with her dog on a lead and 2 others running while talking on their mobile phones!! ...and yes, running!!....not walking. See below. Maybe it's true, women ARE better at multi-tasking ;o)

Photos...I have put up 200 on the following website. You can zoom in slightly if you want to have a closer look.

John Quigley of Eagle AC has 470 shots up on the Eagle website from the corner near the 3 mile mark.

Note.........for anyone interested, there is a Ladies Mini-Marathon (7kms) in Limerick next Sunday, the 5th of October (same day as the Cork to Cobh race). For more information, go to the Running in Munster website.

"Well done on those shots...some good photo's there. Just enquiring if there will be many races coming up during the winter around the 6 mile mark. Been out of running injured since July and am ready to get back into it...........Sandy"
"Hi Sandy, thanks for the comment. In answer to your question, there are two more 4 mile road races coming up in November. One is on the Marina on the 2nd and the other one is near Inniscarra on the 23rd. I have a road race calendar on the right hand side of this page which I try and keep updated for what is happening for the next 2 months. I also notice that the website is getting a lot of traffic from Google as people are looking for information on the mini-marathon. So for those of you visiting this website for the first time, there is a very active road race scene here in Cork and anyone can enter these races, mainly on the day of the event. Check the dates on the race calendar and check back here for more info............John Desmond"

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Anonymous said...

Well done on those shots...some good photo's there.
just enquiring if there will be many races coming up during the winter of the 6 mile mark. Been out of running injured since July and am ready to get back into it.