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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Preview of the Cork BHAA 'PTAA' 5km Road Race - Wed 3rd Sept (7:30pm)
I have to admit that I'm not a big fan of urban or town road races. I much prefer races which are way out in the countryside. If they have a Green line of grass down the middle of the road, then so much the better! Somehow, I don't think we'll be seeing that in Togher. As this is one race that I have never done before, Donal O'Donoghue has kindly offered to do a review of it.

There were 242 entries for this race last year. If the weather is as good as last Thursday's then I'm sure we can expect bigger numbers this year.Apart from the Marathon, this is the most urban of all the short races in the Cork area.It's entirely on public roads, in residential areas, and you can expect some vehicular traffic. It's also the first race after the "back to school rush", so your arrival time may overlap with the end of rush-hour.
You can find a map showing where the GAA clubhouse is at

Directions.........NOTE: Whilst the Registration/Start/Finish appear on maps as being very close to the N25 South Ring, there are *NO* slips roads at that bridge!!!
If approaching from the West on the N25, for simplicity, head straight through the Sarsfield Road roundabout, continue for one more mile, and take the slip road marked "Togher" on a white sign. Now skip-forward a little...
If approaching from the Tunnel direction (East), you need to get off the N25 at the Kinsale Road Roundabout!!!Note: If you take the flyover, you *cannot* take the next left! Look for the big green sign marked "N27/Kinsale/Airport/Togher". Get into the left-most lane on the approach to the Kinsale Road roundabout.You’ll be taking the straight-ahead exit "N25 West", keeping to the leftmost lane. This left lane becomes the slip road marked "Togher" at the next junction.Follow this road. After 200m, it curves to the left and begins to look slightly "industrial".There is a tiny painted roundabout. Just drive straight through this.There is then a curve to the right, leading to a real roundabout.Take the right-hand exit. It marked with a small white sign "Togher".Go across the bridge over the N25 dual-carriageway. Now whether you've come from the East or the West, you're at a roundabout near Togher Garda station. Just take the left hand exit, following the curved orange steel fence. This roundabout exit also has a small white sign marked "Togher".You pass the Garda station. You're on the Tramore Road, heading west, for 650m.You will come to a set of traffic lights.Note: Maps may show this next junction as a roundabout, however due to recent changes, it a traffic-light controlled crossroads now. Go straight through.You should see a large "Fast Fit" tyre sign at the other side. This is "Deanrock Cottages".St Finbarr’s GAA is towards the end on the right. Alternatively, if you know the traffic-lights at the new "Woodies DIY", just head all the way west along the Tramore Road (2km). Due to space restrictions, and other events, you are requested to find parking *outside* the GAA club.
Registration..............Changing facilities and Registration are at the GAA club.As usual, BHAA Registered Runners EUR5.00, non-Reg EUR7.00.
Course..............This is a five kilometre course, which is generally a mostly flat course.The start line is at the "Church of the Way of the Cross", on the far side of the dual-carriageway. From the GAA club, return to traffic lights, and take a right, and go across the bridge.The church is a few metres further on, on the right-hand side. You will run back over the bridge, and take a left turn down Clashduv road. This is a long straight stretch, and passes LIDL. Taking a left at the lights, there is a slight rise at St Finbarr's Cemetery, and slight downhill through the Summerstown estate.You will emerge back onto a short stretch on the Clashduv road, and take a right at the TSB, heading into a loop through "Deanrock Avenue". A right turn onto the original Togher Road, and a right turn into Deanrock Cottages. The finish-line is half-ways along this Cul de Sac....(with Thanks to info from Brian O'Flaherty, UCC, who ran last year)
Overall........Refreshments provided in the GAA Clubhouse after the race. This is very much a City race. You need to be clearly focused on traffic issues, kids, bicycles, cars emerging from driveways, etc and no headphones!

Thanks for the information Donal. So if you going to do this race, don't forget the start time....7:30pm!! With the busy rush hour traffic around 6:00/6:30pm, give yourself plenty of time to get there, get entered, get changed and get down to the start. Going on recent BHAA races, the numbers are likely to be large. Arriving early makes life a lot easier for the organisers.
If you want to have a closer look at the course, you can see it here at this link...
You can find a flyer for the race HERE.

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