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Monday, January 28, 2008

Preview of the East Cork 3km Road Race (No. 6 of 7) - Tues 29th Jan (7:30pm)
The 6th race in the series takes place in Midleton on Tuesday, the 29th of January at 7:30 pm. The current weather forecast is that a cold front will cross the country on Tuesday. So, the morning may well start off very wet with heavy rain but hopefully, the front will have cleared by the evening time.
Going on previous races, I'd expect that they will break the 100 mark again if the weather is ok.

If you want more information about this race, check out this LINK. If you click on the items in the menu bar there, you can also check back through any of the previous times for last year or for the first 5 events in the current series. Note that if you are not using broadband, they may take a small while to appear.


sjaune said...

We are visiting Ireland (Killarney, Cork, Dublin) May 13-22 from North Dakota,USA. I would love to find a road race to compete in. Is there a helpful website to use?


John Desmond said...

I'm not sure if you are going to get this as you left your comment in an old post but here goes anyway...
Try this link... . See if there is anything close. For races in Cork, use my site here. If you want to , send me an e-mail and I'll reply that way.