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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Results of the Mallow 10 Mile Road Race - 6th Jan 2008 (Updated Mon 7th)

A huge crowd of 521 runners turned up for this race, a big jump up from last year's figure of 386. The weather for the start of the race was fine but unfortunately, the bad weather that was due in the evening, arrived in Mallow about 1pm. It was more of a drizzle than anything serious and the race was well underway by the time it had arrived. As for the race itself, it was very well organised. There were plenty of stewards and traffic cones out along the road to keep things safe.
Inside in the hall, I noticed that the guys from West Waterford AC were taking entries for their 10 mile race on the 3rd of February (2nd race in the Munster 10 mile Classic series). I hear that they took over 100 entries at the Mallow race today so it looks as if that is going to be a big one as well.

Anyway, back to the results.
Here are some comments that I recieved from Mallow AC...
To all runners...Final results will be tomorrow (Mon 7th Jan). If people have any changes they would like to be made (Clubs, Names etc.) They can let me know. We were overwhelmed by the entries and an increase in numbers from last year of close to 40%. 521 people finished, If people have comments suggestions etc. they can email me… details on website. Thanks for your support.

They are now up on the Mallow AC website. The link for the results is HERE.

Photo's........Paudie Birmingham of Mallow AC has put 249 photos up on a photo website. The link is HERE.

There is an additional photo album now on the Mallow AC website with 49 shots. The link is HERE.

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mooimag said...

The Mallow 10 mile road race was very well organised. I liked the idea of a draw for 2 tvs. I think most runners probably have an overflow of Tshirts and it would be nice to win a tv instead. Regards, Maggie Dunne