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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Registration for the 2008 Season now due...
Just a quick reminder that the Cork BHAA are now taking registration forms for the 2008 season. The cost is only €10 for the year. The advantage of being a registered runner is that you will qualify for any prizes available and the entry fee for each race is reduced (€5 rather than €7 for unregistered)

The forms can be found on the Cork BHAA website and should be returned asap if you wish to be registered before the Little Island race on the 27th of January.
(NOTE...Fri 18th Jan...8pm...There is a problem with the BHAA website at the moment due to some administration error with the hosting company. It should be back in a few days time. In the meantime, if you want a registration form for 2008, I have put up a tempory one at this LINK)

If you are new to the running scene, here is a quick explanation. There are 2 types of races in the Cork area. Some races are organised by the various Athletic clubs around Cork City and County, and people generally run for their club. The other type of race are the Cork BHAA (Business Houses Athletic Association) ones. They have a set of about 18 races per year and people run for their companies (where they work) rather than their club. In reality, the same people usually run in both types of race. One week, they might be running in a race for their Athletic club and the next week, they might be running for their company.
So, if you are just starting, the best thing might be to try one first as an unregistered runner (entry €7), see if you would be interested in doing more and then get registered.
It's important to note that you do not have to be registered or a member of any club to do any of the road races in Cork.


John said...

Hi John,
I tried to check the BHAA website today and got the following message:

This domain name expired on Jan 17, 2008
Click here to renew it.

Would you you know who to contact from the BHAA about this?

Cheers, John

John Desmond said...

Thanks for the update, I was not aware that it had gone down. I have notified some of the guys in the BHAA about it just in case they did not realise it. I presume it will be back soon.

John D.

Anonymous said...

Any idea how I can register for kilnaboy 10 mile road race

John Desmond said...

Kilnaboy 10....I'll find out the details and I'll post the info up on the blog.

John D.