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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Results of the Cork BHAA Little Island 'FMC' 4 Mile Road Race - Sun 27th Jan 2008 (Updated Wed 30th)

When I arrived in the hall for this race at 10:30 am, I found myself at the end of a very long queue. So, I kind of guessed then that the numbers were going to be very big. And they were, with just over 400 runners taking part. Last year, they got 313 so this is a huge increase. The conditions for the race were skies, sun shining, a little bit cool with a very gentle wind.

John Quigley of Eagle AC was out and about during the race with his camera and he took about 280 photos. These are now up on the Eagle AC website. The link is HERE.

A 2nd set of photos has now gone up on the Eagle website. These 66 photos were taken by Pat O'Driscoll of Eagle AC. Looking through them, Pat obviously has a flair for this kind of thing as some of the shots are really good. Here is the main link to the main album index. They may add these photos to the other earlier set have have a look around.

The Cork BHAA have their own set of photos up HERE.

The category prize winners are shown below. The full results are now available at this LINK

FMC 4-Mile Road Race (Cork BHAA), Little Island, Co Cork

1 B Keane (temp-reg) 20:40; 2 S McGrath (temp-reg) 20:41; 3 R Creech (Jannsen) 20:47; 4 C O'Donovan (O'Donovan) 21:02; 5 R Fahy (temp-reg) 21:13; 6 J Grufferty (Bio-Pharma) 21:37; 7 N Curtin (Quality Hotel, M40) 21:39; 8 S Wilkinson (Cork Simon) 21:41; 9 G Murray (temp-reg) 21:43; 10 K O'Sullivan (temp-reg) 21:49.
M40: 2 L Cotter (Kerry Foods) 23:13; 3 D Broderick (Munster Beverages) 23:15.
M45: 1 D Sheehan (UCC) 25:14; 2 P Dineen (Eli Lilly) 26:19; 3 J Leahy (Naval Service) 26:31.
M50: 1 E McEvoy (Cork Teachers) 22:18; 2 J Collins (Team adidas) 22:47; 3 P Collins (Team Herbal Life) 22:58.
M55: 1 T Huff (Team adidas) 24:25; 2 D Cotter (Cork Painters) 26:45.
M60: 1 M Dunne (UCC) 25:43; 2 L O'Leary (Cork City Co) 26:13.
M65: 1 G Webb (Plant Hire).Team:
(Grade A) 1 Workout Express 51; 2 Carraig Court 73; 3 Jannsen 113.
(Grade B) 1 Naval Service 80; 2 UCC 98; 3 Pfizer-Ringaskiddy 106.
(Grade C) 1 Proscon 111; 2 Quality Hotel 133; 3 Naval Service 153.

Women: 1 A Cooke (temp-reg) 24:09; 2 A MacPhail (temp-reg) 24:13; 3 N Roe (temp-reg) 24:16; 4 A-M Healy (HSE, F35) 24:20; 5 M Sweeney (Cork Shops, F45) 24:26; 6 M Crowley (HSE) 24:51.
F35: 1 M Walsh (Pfizer-Ringaskiddy).F40: 1 F Kirwan (Sensory Labs).
F45: 1 M Mulcahy (Bank of Ireland).
F50: 1 M Beausang (Midleton Shops).
Team: (Grade A) 1 HSE; 2 Quality Hotel. (Grade B) 1 Citco; 2 Bank of Ireland.

(...with thanks to John Walshe of Ballycotton Running Promotions for the above results)


Sandy said...

Hey, well done on completing the race. Unfortuantely i ended up not doing it as a i didn't finish work until quater to eleven and would have been late.
But hopefully i defo get to the race in Blackrock in two weeks time... won't be working that day, so will have no excuses.

John Desmond said...

No problem Sandy, there are plenty of races coming up. The next one is along the walkway next to the harbour in Mahon. It's a very nice spot if the weather is fine.