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Monday, January 07, 2008

Preview of the East Cork 3km Road Race (No. 5 of 7) - Tues 8th Jan (7:30pm)

The 5th race in the series takes place in Midleton on Tuesday, the 8th of January at 7:30 pm. The current forecast is that it will be wet on Tuesday but it should clear later in the day. Hopefully, it will have cleared by the start of the race. A strong Westerly wind is also predicted.

Going on the past races, I'd expect that they will get somewhere between 90 and 120 for this race although a lot would depend on the weather. Coming just 2 days after the Mallow 10, no doubt a lot of people will be taking it easy and using it as a recovery run.

If you want more information about this race, check out this LINK. If you click on the items in the menu bar there, you can also check back through any of the previous times for last year or for the first 4 events in the current series. Note that if you are not using broadband, they may take a small while to appear.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see a good enough turn out tonight john considering the weather,Nice little run tonight to looseing out after mallow,in case you were'nt there the chap who looks after the sign in spoke about change of venue for the bhaa cross country next sunday its now beaumount school for the registration instead of the usual place .

John Dunphy

John Desmond said...

Hi John

I had heard about it beforehand, thanks.
Regarding last night, a lot of the times seemed down, even from those who were not at Mallow. Maybe the strong wind?? Good to be out though and get a run in between the showers.

Anonymous said...

Hi john your welcome,i cant believe my own time of 12.11 i felt really good last night and thought ill beat my best time of 11.28 tonight and ended up doing the opposite it was my worst run in the 3k series to date,running can be a funny old game at times, enjoyed the mallow 10 pb for me 82 plus was my best over the 10 mile and i done it in 1.13.00.look forward to dungarvan next month.

John Dunphy
Rising Sun Ac

John Desmond said...

John, don't worry about the slow time. There was no way you were going to get a 3k PB just 2 days after doing a 10 mile race. You'd be suprised how much a 10 mile race takes out of your system. The fact you ran 40 seconds slower sounds about right. The next 3k is 2 days after the Little Island race but as it's only 4 miles, it will take a lot less out of the system. I'd expect you'll be well under 12 minutes again.
By the way, after a long race like 10 miles, you need to take it easy so that your body can recover. If you don't, there is a good chance of getting injured.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advice john will know better next time.