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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Preview of the Cork BHAA 'Cross Country Challenge' - Sun 13th Jan 2008 (11am)

Please note that for this race, the registration point has been changed. It was supposed to be in the Cork Con Rugby grounds. Beaumont Boys School is now the new venue for registration, refreshments and prize-giving. This is located just next to the park.

This 5km race take place in Beaumont Park in Blackrock, Cork City. It is the only cross country race on the BHAA calendar and usually attracts about 100 runners. For anyone new to running scene, you might think that this cross country race will be a race with mud and dirt everywhere. The reality is that this is just a race on grass rather than on tarmac. If it's wet, it might be a bit slippy but otherwise, it's just like a normal race. All you really need to do is to wear a pair of old runners and off you go. As the ground is soft, you'll need to work a bit harder during the race so don't expect your time to be close to your 5 km time on the road.

Note that if you were registered with the Cork BHAA in 2007, you will still count as registered just for this race only.

As you can see on this aerial photo, the school is just next to the park. This is also a walkway going over to the road near the Cork Con rugby grounds if you want to park somewhere near there.
If you are unsure as to where exactly it is, check this LINK.

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