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Saturday, February 04, 2023

Looking ahead to the 2023 Dungarvan 10 mile road race...Sun 5th Feb 2023

The big race in Munster this weekend of course is the Dungarvan 10 mile road race and there are well over 1000 runners from Cork making the journey. 

The weather conditions for the race look like it will be mild with temperatures around 7 deg C with a gentle breeze from the south-east.

The forecast for the start of February is really about as good as it can get. Cool but not cold. A breeze but not too strong.

From miles 5 to 8, the wind will be into the face of the runners but it's not that big an issue. As it's so mild, I'd recommend a singlet or a short sleeve dry fit top. If you feel slightly cold at the start line then you're wearing just enough.

As for the course, it is the same as last year. The 'Old' in the graphics and text below refers to 2020.

First off, here is a preview of the old course which is more or less the same as the new course. The preview can be seen  here...

What has changed are the start and finish.

The Start...

As you can see, the start line has just moved up the road a bit so no big change.

The Finish...

This change is more substantial. On the 2020 course, runners turned off left near the 9 mile mark and ran up a hill which reached 20m ASL. Down right at the next junction... down a hill to the main road... through the roundabout ...and a sharp left to the run in to the finish line.

On the new course, runners will stay in the hard shoulder of the main road. Left at the junction before the roundabout and up a small hill... then two rights and the finish line.

The difference isn't huge but if anything, it might be slightly faster as the 20m hill is gone in the last mile.


Anonymous said...

Wouldnt say its the exact same. The hill near the end is an absolute killer. Its worse than the one on the old course. Be ready for it

Anonymous said...

It certainly was