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Saturday, February 11, 2023

Guest Post: I'm in Bits Pat Walsh

 ** I'm in Bits **

Pardon the headline as it is a tongue in cheek comment. 😃

Ran Dungarvan, John Treacy 10 mile last Sunday and had a wonderful day out. The weather was fantastic, ideal for running and I was pleased to pass the test early in the Year. 

I met so many great people, had loads of chats and photos. JohnD of 'Running in Cork' fame decided to make his weekly jigsaw of this picture. Thanks John ( Not ) and I daresay my friends Helen, Helen and Sheila are equally unimpressed. Only messing as your contribution to running in the Cork area and drifting into adjoining counties keeps us all informed and motivated. We will allow you this one. 😃

So if you are bored and nothing to do, then feel free to click on the link and put us back together again. Oh Lord...... your life will never be the same again.  🤩

Just something to think about and this is no reflection whatsoever on the organisers last Sunday of a super day out.

The event was sold out with 3750 entries.
The numbers finishing was 2739 and in that there was probably a few swapped numbers.
How do a 1000 people disappear after paying an entry fee since the start of December?
Have people got tired of racing or maybe lost the love during Covid and not got it back?
Do people underestimate the effort involved in getting to race fitness in a period that includes Christmas?
Did some bow to peer pressure to enter a race that they knew would sell-out and afterwards decided against it?
Has the annual round of coughs, colds, flu and the ever present Covid knocked some people back and not in a condition to race?
We will always have this plus the few that pick up an injury in training. That is the usual and understandable.

Any comments as long as they are respectful are welcome.

If we could answer some of issues we might find a way to help people back to racing. 🥰

Have a great weekend and get out for a run. 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️

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Finula said...

Met a couple in a pub in Dungarvan on Sunday night who were delayed on the way down and missed the start by half an hour.