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Saturday, February 25, 2023

Guest Post: Thanks Pat Walsh

 ** Thanks **

Many thanks to all who liked, commented and messaged last weekend. Being 60 isn’t too bad as long as I don’t start acting to the norms of my age group. Special gratitude to all who ran with me on the day and wined and dined afterwards. 

It was a special day I will always remember. Running from Cork to Midleton for the first time was magical.  It just takes longer to recover though.

It was a coincidence that RTE screened a program this week entitled ‘SuperAgers’. Recommended viewing for everyone.

The secret to a long an active life is,
Daily exercise.
A good social network of like-minded and supporting people.
A positive attitude and living in the moment.
Knowing how to laugh and not be too serious with yourself.

They could have been writing my philosophies and the thoughts that I have been pushing in this page for a long time. The exercise can be anything, walking, gardening, rowing, running. In fact it is described as doing anything but sitting on the couch. Yes there was an 80+ who still boxes and a 90yr old man who practices decathlon in his own garden. 

My favourite bit: dancing in your own kitchen is allowed. I’m vindicated. The clip of a 98 year old lady dancing to Barry White is priceless. ‘My first, my last, my everything’……

So just shift your arse and move. Maybe this is supposed to be a running page but the older I get, the more I want it to be a healthy page. I will try to still help runners as best I can, but be open to all forms of exercise and health tips. 

I hope to continue to run for many years to come and will meet and greet many of you for a long time yet. There are lots of pages with super advice for the 10-20% that are competitive. I will try to cater for the others.

Move anywhere and anytime you can. Get outside and take time to appreciate the beauty of nature. The sparrow-hawk in mid flight ( SW 😃 ), the daffodils blooming, the newly ploughed field. Beauty is all around if you take the time and interest to find it. 

Pic attached was taken on a walk last Wednesday.

Question for those who organise races. 

Do the older age groups have to be competitive? I’m happy to be running. Encourage me. I don’t need a prize. I’m happy I can run. Many more like me.

Why not shift emphasis towards participation? You have races to generate funds, the results might surprise you. It is worth trying. Following what everyone else does, isn’t always the right thing. It may reward you to buck the system for a change.

Keep the date

Feb 2033 my 70th birthday run will be 3km on a  Greenway somewhere. The use of electric scooters will be permitted. 😃 Life is too short to be serious. Thanks everyone.

Keep on Keeping on. #PWR

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