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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Guest Post: Dublin Marathon - Autumn 2022 Pat Walsh

 ** Autumn Marathon #DCM22 ** 

156 Days to go. - 22 Weekend Long runs left at most and that includes tapering.

How is your training going?

May is nearly gone and June is just around the corner.

Now is the time to question and remind yourself why you are doing this.

There is work ahead so be committed and prepared for it.

If you are going for it, then give it your best shot and don’t have regrets at mile 16 in October and asking yourself why I didn’t do more training for it.

Hopefully at this stage your weekly mileage is 20 to 25 miles and the body is getting used to time on the road. 

Weekly long run is KEY as you are training for a LONG RUN of 26miles.

It is still only June next week and no need for panic and by all means take a week off if you have completed some Half Marathon and want to rest before the next phase. A rest at this stage can be better than a forced bad run where you are tired. 

Enough of that in September.

Some say it is too early to be getting into Long runs of 13+.

My answer is to be ahead of the game. That allows weekends off and recharging later in the Summer. It also allows some juggle room if a domestic social event or an injury needs some time off.

If you leave it all to a late charge of training, what happens if something goes wrong.
You can still get by with 3 runs a week or 4 if the extra run is an easy few miles.
Don’t over train as you will get fed up in a few months when the real work should be starting.
Plan ahead so that you get your runs completed.
Get your rest and recovery each week and don’t forget to stretch.
If there are occasions that force you to miss a long run, compensate the week before and week afterwards.

Think about including a half marathon race in the next month or 2

It will give a focus and also give an early indicator of possible Marathon finishing time and how to set the pace for you weekly runs. 

Old fashioned but not far off. 

Predicted Marathon time = 2 x Half time + 13mins APPROX
Anyone looking sub 3.30 should be Half in 1.38
Anyone looking sub 4 should be Half in 1.53
Anyone looking sub 4.30 should be Half in 2.08
These are approx. and we are all different but just give some idea of where you are.
If you can’t break 2hrs in a Half how can you go sub 4. Just apply common sense.

Start planning out your weekends and long run distance
First 3 -4 miles slow and then pick it up a bit.
Get used to drinking and refuelling on the run.
Gels, Jellies, Bars, Lucozade sweets, energy drinks, Tablets in the water. Loads of options and see what suits you best. Race day is not the time to be guessing.

Mix up some shorter midweek local races instead of a Tempo / Interval session. It is good to get out and mix it up and meet some fellow runners and share a moan or 2.

There is a lot of help online, lots of training plans and ideas and support groups for encouragement. It is a big undertaking in terms of time, commitment and money. Give yourself every chance of succeeding and getting the best out of yourself and the day. 

Get help if you feel you need it and have someone else minding you to keep you on the right road and to help, encourage and advise.

Keep the spirit up, keep training. It isn’t easy but anything worthwhile never is. There is glory and lasting memories crossing the finishing line. 

Any questions pls msg. 🏃‍♀️

#PWR #KeeponRunning

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