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Saturday, May 14, 2022

Guest Post: Where have all the runners gone? Pat Walsh

** Where have all the runners gone? **

Just a post wondering about a new trend emerging in local races.
3 quite big local races down by a third approx in numbers since the last full event in 2019. Some races that sold out in a day or 2 still have places available. What is happening or what has happened.

Like the rest of our lives, new patterns, new trends are emerging and we have to see where it all goes. It will take time. I can understand some of it. 

Runners stopped racing and have lost the habit.
Prices have increased to cover extra cost around hosting such as online entry and chip timing and other safety measures.
Some people are still slow and reluctant to meet in big crowds and that is a personal choice.
There are less people running.

Clubs and charity will have limited profits and will have to question the reason for putting in huge effort organising and hosting the race in the future. These races were vital for fund raising.
We as runners will lose / forget the ability to race. If we don’t race how do we see exactly where our current fitness levels lie.

My thoughts 🤔
I think some runners have just got used to a lifestyle of meeting a few others for a run, then having a cuppa or a breakfast afterwards and are quite happy with that.
Give me a long Saturday morning run completed, Coffee and Eggs Benedict with the crew and it is as close to heaven as maybe I will ever get.

Prices have increased understandably and long term running multiple 5k to 5mile races locally at 15 to 20 euro per entry makes running an expensive hobby.

I saw 65euro+ for a half marathon recently. Madness

The fun is gone out of racing, when the after race mingling and socialising was prohibited last 2 years.

Running numbers have dropped considerably since 2019. We did great at start of covid but the poor performance of Athletics Ireland was of no help. People were looking for leadership and guidance and they were found wanting. I would love to see membership figures 2021 v 2019. Many ex-runners found new sports to interest them that they were able to continue with during the pandemic.

So I encourage you to race again.

I like a race every few weeks just to test myself. I was and still am a huge critic of over-racing and the damage it does but we have to test ourselves every so often.

The CRACK. Yes racing is hard but sharing the mile of a road with another who is suffering has helped me make many a friendship.

Where will you get good pics for your facebook page?
Support your local races. You will miss them if they are gone.

“I know we never been quite here before I wish I knew it when we lost it”…. Pink

7.30am in the morning I’m posting and heading out the door for a run . Like old times.

Have a lovely weekend. 😍
#PWR #Run

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JG said...

Great post Pat. I think you have absolutely nailed it on the reasons that the running numbers are down at local races.
Hopefully, the numbers will return.