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Sunday, May 01, 2022

Guest Post: May Bank Holiday 2022... by Pat Walsh

 ** May Bank Holiday 2022**

Year is flying by and sorry I didn’t post with a while. Like so many others in the last 2 years I eventually tested positive and had to rest and isolate for a little while.

It wasn’t pleasant but I’m glad my general health and fitness was good beforehand as it definitely made a difference.

There was some lingering tiredness to deal with but I think that is nearly all behind me at this stage. I am back doing a few miles and I find there is still some buzz missing but it is improving.

It was such a huge part of our lives for the last 2 years but some sense of normality seems to be finally taking hold.

Races, Matches, Concerts and many more events that we were deprived of are now back taking place. Ed Sheeran conquered Cork. Limerick and Belfast Marathons this weekend and a full fixture of great hurling matches.

So it is time to take your place again in the running world at training and races. Many have slipped and if that is you then you are not alone.

May we never go through a time like it again, so try to get back to where we once were. I am firmly convinced that my running fitness has helped me mentally and physically for the last 2 years. I am not elite just an ordinary runner but our fitness levels are higher than general population. I think most runners will feel the same.

We were used to digging deep, we had good running buddies that helped us through the worst of it.

I hope to get back with some decent posts and inspiration in the future and many thanks for all  your kind messages. 


Running can be hard, living without a run is harder still.
No buddy like a running buddy, we share.
My health is key to living and surviving. Running helps this.
Fresh air. There is nothing better
Goal setting, it improves out lives having something to aim at and look forward to.

Best of luck to some buddies in Limerick Marathon today. Also best wishes to the Saturday Road Runners who are in the middle of a 32 county 5k in each challenge this weekend for charity. Saturday Road Runners Run Ireland in 72 Hours

Insanity is brilliant as reality can sometimes be boring. 🤣

I was lucky that my isolation and sickness period finished just in time for a foreign holiday we had planned..

No sarcastic comments please…!! I needed a break. 😍⛱⛱


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