Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results of the Stone Mad Half-Marathon in Blarney - Sun 31st Oct 2021

Sunday, October 31, 2021

Results of the Stone Mad Half-Marathon in Blarney - Sun 31st Oct 2021

This was a new half-marathon on the calendar and attracted a field of 283 runners which is a reasonable turnout for its first outing. The event had a limit of 500 so it got nowhere near that number.

First 3 men and women...
 1 30+ Damian KENNEALLY (#104) 01:12:30 01:12:28
2 40+ Kevin GILLEECE (#109) 01:14:59 01:14:56
3 40+ Mark SMITH (#102) 01:15:12 01:15:11
1 50+ Linda SULLIVAN (#146) 01:25:13 01:25:09
2 40+ Niamh CRONIN (#126) 01:25:53 01:25:50
3 40+ Linda O CONNOR (#150) 01:27:42 01:27:38

Full results on the SportsSplits website HERE

Update: Someone sent me a message to say they measured the course to be short at 13.06 miles (should be at least 13.1 and most likely 13.2 miles on a GPS watch). I wonder if others found the same?

Photos: Joe & Anne Murphy have several galleries.... Start HERE // Album 2 // Finish 1 // Finish 2


cathalhistory said...

Twas short alright. That said it was a good event

Liam said...

That seems to be approx 65m, surely possible within the error of a GPS o
if someone hasn't actually measured it?

Brian Ahern said...

That course is covered by high trees all the way out the Waterloo road to Grenagh. A road I run regularly enough and GPS signal would often be lost or out of sync for sections of it. Would almost guarantee it was down to that and the course was indeed correct.

Kemlyn said...

Can I just ask that if you’re throwing your plastic bottle on the ground, at least leave it on the road as distinct from sticking it in a bush. Ideally, carry it with you. This would give the organisers some chance of picking it up. Not just her, Charleville too. Have a small bit of cop on. Having said that, great race and great to be back

Shane Hayes Runners Blog said...

I was there for support, found this to have been an exceptionally well organised event compared with other races I've been involved in and run. Have been told the course was measured four times for accuracy, so would imagine some were over, some under, within a margin of gps error. Great energy from start line to finish with strong local support of athletes. Shy of 400 signed up, which is high for a new event, many were clearly put off by the conditions in the days leading up to and the morning of the race. Great for Cork to have this HM, and of course for Blarney too.

Run Man said...

Completely agree with plastic bottles comment above. Some alternative is needed really.

Anthony said...

My GPS was slightly over...I recorded 13.11 and this was probably due to the slightly slow start and my positioning..Great event and well organized..All those I spoke with prior too and after the event enjoyed the experience..Well done Blarney for giving Runners the opportunity to get back competing again.