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Saturday, October 02, 2021

Guest Post: Confidence Pat Walsh

 ** Confidence **

In response to my own article last week and why numbers have dropped away from running, I’m following up with an article that will hopefully kick-start some into action and return to the running / racing scene.

Confidence in your own ability is the key to this. It is being realistic with ambition, accepting your own limitations and going out to perform. It is a state of mind, knowing you have the ability to meet the demands of the task in front of you.

We have taken a knock to our collective psyche for a time now, and all we heard was 
‘You can’t do this’, 
‘You can’t go there’ 
‘Be careful and avoid people’, 
‘No events can take place’.

That was reality and no fault or blame to anyone in charge, but it did serve to undermine our collective confidence and the mood of the Nation suffered.

It is time to start again and get out among the people. Set a goal, do the training and then perform. This is true of each and every one of us from the quickest to the slowest.

Setting a realistic goal is the key, because when you achieve it, you will help your confidence and can then raise the bar for the next goal. ‘I can do this’

That could mean the same distance a little quicker or maybe the same pace over a longer run.

For example:
I have just done 36 for 4 miles can I run sub 35 in 3 months time.
I have run 10 miles in 80 minutes could I hold that pace for a Half Marathon 1.45.
I have very slow jogged a 5k, can I get under 30 mins in 2 months time.

Over confidence and trying for too much too soon can result in failing and that will knock you back even further so be kind to yourself and finish something that can be used as a marker for future progression.  Build your confidence again.

Last Sunday I ran in Charleville and got the finishing time I wanted for myself (and Mary). There was the sweet buzz of achievement as I crossed the finish line. 

It has increased my confidence that my target, based on long runs of the previous weeks, had transferred into a decent run and now I can set the bar a little higher.

Was it the quickest half-marathon I ever ran? Not by a long margin, but enough to satisfy me based on my age, plus training limitations and lack of competition for the last 19 months.

2021 is almost gone šŸ™ but use the tail end of this Year to get going again. This will make 2022 a return to something close to what we once had. Yes some of the social buzz may be gone and will be hard to replace. But running is a solitary sport and we all have to run each race as individuals anyway. ‘One foot in front of the other’

It is time for the ordinary runner to return and take his place at the start line. Each and every one of you has a special place in the running world. You belong there. Be confident, embrace it, smile and enjoy it.


A famous rallying cry in a different context from many years ago that I love. There is a place for us all in the larger scheme of things.

“Arise Knocknagoshel and take your place among the nations of the earth.”

Have a lovely weekend

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