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Sunday, October 10, 2021

Guest Post: Mental Health Pat Walsh


World Mental Health Day 10th October 2021

I didn’t post any insightful nuggets today, nor did I post any rubbish about running.

There is a reason and it is important.

I love running and all it does for my mental health. Without a good mental state we are lost, floundering and in no way capable of performing physically.

I beat this drum regularly, I have no qualifications but a passion to just help people every day and drag them out of any hole they may have fallen into.

We run and think times are important. 


Running is the important part, the time is just a reflection that you turned up. Don’t sweat the small stuff and be grateful you ran.

I have listened to some podcasts, radio programs this week and all were stressing the importance of connection, contact, fun, social, sharing and just being there for your mates or having mates that can help.

Us runners are lucky, as we do tend to share some secrets on the road that we would never talk with anyone else. What is said on the road stays on the road.

No buddy like a running buddy, share the pain in more ways than one.

I have great running friends and I am always thankful for that.😍

You are reading this on a social media platform and I am grateful that most who contribute a comment or a love on this page are kindred spirits who strive to do their best for themselves and all their friends. Social media can connect us but can be a bad forum if not used correctly. Be careful.

Lads it was a sh**e time last 2 years that was extra tough on us all so be extra kind to all from this day forth.


Hope everyone is ok and if not reach out.
Be kind to others.
If you can’t say something nice say nothing.
A smile to a stranger is a beautiful Irish trait.
A kind word to someone could be the difference between a good and bad day.

What will you do to help others.
Oh ya and keep on running


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