Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results & Photos of the Cork BHAA HSE 5k in Tramore Valley Park - Sun 3rd Nov 2019

Monday, November 04, 2019

Results & Photos of the Cork BHAA HSE 5k in Tramore Valley Park - Sun 3rd Nov 2019

Early on this morning, the weather looked like it might be pretty grim for this race with persistent rain and drizzle. Perhaps it might have deterred a few from traveling but at about 10am, the rain stopped and the race at 11am was held in dry fine conditions.

I haven't been in the park for a few months but the council have done a fine job in marking out the km marks with permanent signs. It seems likely that more 5k race will be held there in the future.

One notable feature of this race can be seen in the photo above. Nearly all of the front runners were young men and this contrasts to the usual race which is usually men in their 30's and 40's.

A record 375 runners took part and as the chart shows below, it is in marked contrast to just a few years ago.

1 Gavin O'Rourke M1 00:15:53 Eli Lilly
2 Tommy Connolly 00:15:56 Temp Reg
3 Fionn Harrington 00:15:59 Temp Reg
17 Carol Finn F1 00:18:36 Finn Physiotherapy
27 Fiona Everett 00:19:10 Temp Reg
31 Grainne O'Donnell 0/35H F2 00:19:21 Kumon Douglas

Full results

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Anonymous said...

This race clashed with the "Cork Athletics Masters, Novice 'B' &
Juvenile Relays Cross-Country Championships 2019" in Castlelyons.
This may explain why "Nearly all of the front runners were young men..."

Anonymous said...

The numbers and quality of the field at the cross country was poor. Doubt if it had any impact on the bhaa race.

Anonymous said...

Maybe all the front running young runners were just faster than the rest? Sub 16 mins not bad running, a lot of "older runners" would'nt run that time for 5k.

Anonymous said...

Pretty ill informed comment about the standard of masters cross country. Most of the top 10 men are sub 16 minute 5k runners and some are in the mid to low 15 minute bracket (at least one runner in the top 20 has also broken 15 minutes in the recent past). Great to see so many younger runners breaking 16 minutes but discount the auld fellas at your peril!

Anonymous said...

Don't think o35 or o40 should be classed as Master's, that's too young.I think it should start at o45.

Anonymous said...

The standard and numbers at the masters cross country was dire. People are getting medals just for turning up. Not suprized most opted for the bhaa race.